Hi All!

This is a bit of a test, as Kristin just added me as a contributer. but I figured I’ll use it to introduce myself. I’m Ashley, the often mentioned little sister. I’m also at OSU, a Civil Engineering student (yup, we’re both brilliant and beautiful). As far as religion goes, since it is talked about so much on here this is my load. Until I was 18 I was agnostic or atheistic, it swung back and forth but I never considered myself so all knowing that I was able to say that there was no God, so guess its mostly agnostic. Anyways, my conversion story is long and amazing and I love it, but I’ll save that for another time. Now, I’m a Protestant Christian. I do not consider myself evangelical, or much of anything else at all. Lately, I’ve been struggling to find a Church. A lot of them are really evangelical. I don’t consider myself in any position to preach to anyone about much of anything. I’m as much of a sinner as anyone else, and for me to try to convince anyone that they have it all wrong while I am all right is a little presumptuous. This is what I have chosen for myself. But if you want to talk about religion, Jesus, God, Allah, Krishna, I’m wide open to chat.

I’m sure I’ll be putting in my two cents more often than not so here I am!


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