Avram Grant, I hate you.

I’ve not written about Chelsea in awhile, even though I salute them for their win over Arsenal on Easter Sunday (hooray for Jesus coming back, because apparently he’s a Chelsea fan too). They played Fenerbahçe, a Turkish football club in a Champions League Quarterfinal match. For those of you who don’t know what the Champions League is, it’s the top three or four teams from each European club to battle it out for top dog in Europe (ish). At least, that’s how I describe it. So, back to Fenerbahçe. Chelsea was up 1-0 when I started to watch live in minute 60 or so, because of an own goal by Deivid.

Chelsea’s entire performance was lackluster at best, wasting precious time and effort in front of the goal. Drogba had a good shot at goal during a penalty kick towards the 80th minute, but it cleared the top of the net by a good four feet. Fenerbahçe played tremendously well, and used the entire field to their advantage. They won 2-1 after a cheap goal, and then a beautiful (ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL) goal 10 minutes later. It was from way behind the penalty line to the top left corner of the net. Gorgeous!! If you want to see the goal, it’s around 2:35 in the video. The full highlights from the match can be seen here:

Avram Grant’s problem is that he refuses to make Chelsea his OWN team, and will still play the 4-3-3, despite it not working. His poor decision to leave SWP on the bench was questioned after he puts Anelka and Drogba in, but doesn’t play them together at the top. He could’ve done a 4-4-2, which works fine, or even a 3-4-3 if he wanted to be a bit more aggressive in the middle. Our problem is that we have too many midfielders, and not enough fullbacks or even strikers. If we traded Ballack, which would be a good idea since he’s been rubbish all season, and Drogba stopped being so effing selfish, then we’d have a better team.

Justin reckons we’ll beat Man U 2-1 unconvincingly at home in two weeks. I might agree, if someone just ninja-kicks Ronaldo in the face, the smug cunt. I hate that man so much.


7 thoughts on “Avram Grant, I hate you.

  1. grant is a nunu. the only team deserving of his “amazing tactical mind” is liverpool FC. i sent the death threat. shhh. dont the tel police. i will ass assinate him after he loses to liverpool in the semis. if jose cant do it wtf does this israel piece of crap who managed the best team in the world ” MACCABHI tel aviv” think he can do. AVRAM GO FUCK URESELF!

  2. wow im reading this after a long time.
    man just to think that Avram was given a job and chelsea makes me laugh. god what was Roman thinking!
    lol thanks orchidellia. appreciate it.
    we should talk about chelsea sometime.
    hope u have facebook or msn or smthing.


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