In the hospital

So, Sean and Ashley both said I should see the doctor on monday because my jaw hurt like none other. Thursday night, I was reduced to tears because it hurt so much, and I finally took some percocet at Sean’s insistence. I just ended up being higher than a kite for the rest of the evening, rather ill, and babbling incoherently. I was better in the morning, but my jaw still hurt on and off, and I was feeling warm. My jaw seized up for a few hours, which was uncomfortable. I was okay by the time I went to play Bunco with the church choir (yeah, I have exciting Friday nights), and I had SOOOO much fun. So, shuttup all ya’ll who think that’s lame.

Around 3:30-4 am, long after Sean and Stephanie had left my house, I started to get delirious and dizzy, and I totally freaked out. I tried to call my next door neighbour, Stefanie (different than the one above), but my phone didn’t work. So, I banged on her front door until she opened it, and she took me to the hospital. I was there all night, hooked up to various machines, and there were four or five bags hanging above me for various reasons. I apparently know Star Trek’s TNG pretty well, because I was mumbling about that, and I hallucinated that I saw Worf in a codpiece with triangular hair. Ooh, and I told the nurses to call David Bowie, since he’s apparently my father (according to Sean, anyways). I was coherent and aware of everything by 11:30 this morning, and felt a lot better. They killed my fever, thankfully, and they let me leave on the condition I didn’t do crap.

I have a party at 9 pm tonight, then I’m supposed to work at midnight until eight. Then I have choir from 8-10:30, and then again tomorrow night at 7. I’m insane. I may call off the party, and I can sleep at work. Wow, I’m seriously retarded. But, working isn’t really doing anything since we never get calls at night. We’ll see. Anyone who cares to yell at me is welcome to in the comments field.


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