An Update

I thought I’d do an update for all of you while I’m at a lull in grossness.  My fever broke, so I’m kind of sort of back to normal (yay!).  Unfortunately, that left me with the vomitatious problem.  I was so sick last night, and this morning/afternoon. I felt a bit better around noon when I had to go to the oncologist, so at least I could get there and get home without any problems. I also ran an errand (I bought a rat to feed my snake – he’s not eaten in like, 12 weeks, so I’m glad he finally ate), saw Jason and Mackenzie, and came home in time to pass out once more on the couch.  Slept for a few hours, had some dinner with Sean (thank you!).  I have been informed that I am very anemic right now, and my wbc count is too high (surprised? me neither).  So, I have to eat red meat.  I don’t LIKE red meat.  In fact, the only animals consumed in this house can fly or swim.  Sean and I went to dinner to get meat (since I refuse to cook it) and I got about 1/3 of the way through steak, salad and potatoes.  Mmm, all good things (minus the steak).  It wasn’t that bad, to be honest, and I took the rest home. I’m proud of what I ate, actually.  I only threw up a minimal amount of it tonight after we got back and played video games for awhile.

He left, and then I talked to my sister on the phone for a good 90 mins or so since I’ve not seen her (the horrors of having a car when she does not, and not living together…and living across town).  She’s good 🙂  Towards the end of our conversation, I felt worse and worse.  Afterwards, I prayed to the porcelain god for awhile, and napped on the bathroom floor (mmm, reminds me of frat parties – but not MY behaviour!).  Since then, I’ve been up and down, brushing my teeth like crazy into the bathtub since the change in altitude is terrible.  I thought about calling Sean because I’m incapable of dragging myself up (I have my laptop with me, which is actually perched sideways being cradled by a towel so I don’t have to get up from the fetal position… the things I do for you people!).  I may call him still.  I texted him saying something like, “Sooo sick, can’t get up, might need help” or something, but he has class at eight, and I don’t want to make it worse for him.  It’s already nearly half four.  Half four! That’s ridiculous.

Ok, there’s your update.  Fever’s kind of gone, hair is falling out in poofs, throwing up all over the place, curled up on the bathroom floor like after a good party, but without all the fun drinking involved.

Wish I could get my back rubbed 😛


4 thoughts on “An Update

  1. I am so sorry you are sick… Cuddling up with the computer and a toilet sounds anything but fun.

  2. You could have me move in any time. I know you hate having me see you when you are like that, but I can help you get back in bed and shit then. I missed you while you were sick and the 90 minute phone convo was so worth it, even though it meant I was rushing to get to an 11 am staff meeting. You know the offer for me to stay over is open anytime. Taking the bus is no biggy for me.

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