Do you ever feel a strong sense of betrayal? I just did, and it pissed me off. Just when you think things are going swimmingly, and everything is going your way, you’re hit with something that just catches you off guard. I can’t really talk about it, but when it happened, my heart literally dropped into my stomach, and I gaped like a fish out of water. What the HELL?! Do I mean NOTHING?! Am I just… proverbial chopped liver? Seriously!! What am I? What, am I used because I have cancer and am easily forgotten? Easily pushed under the rug? Does anything I do anymore matter AT ALL?!

Today, I felt loved, safe, cared for… but now, I suddenly feel like I was doused with ice-cold water.


2 thoughts on “Betrayal

  1. Oh, thank you. I realize that it sounds way worse than it is now, considering I wrote it at 4 am or something mid-fever and chills and whathaveyou from last night. 🙂 I’m doing fine now!

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