Relay For Life

I can’t believe I’ve neglected to mention Relay for Life!!  It’s put on by the American Cancer Society, who have helped me tremendously since I was diagnosed.  They’ve provided me with my own oncology social worker, help paying and understanding my medical bills, a therapist (yes, we need therapy… cancer makes you crazy), and general support.  There are support groups at the hospital run by ACS that I could go to… if I had breast cancer, or prostate cancer, or was 50+… but none for college-aged students.  Shame.

But, Relay For Life is amazing.  You stay up all night with a group of your best friends (well, sports team, greek chapter, church group, employer, random group), and you celebrate Survivors, mourn those you’ve lost, and raise money for cancer research and support, like what I’m getting from ACS.  If you have a burning deep within to donate money to me personally for our group, the link to my personal site is:

It would be super awesome if you took a look!  The OSU Relay site is (coincidentally),


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