New Chelsea Kit 08/09

Jersey 08/09

Yes, my fellow Blues fans, the day is here – the new Chelsea kit for the next two years was revealed!!  Now, do you recognize anything familiar?  I’m glad Adidas didn’t go hog-wild like they did with the fugly yellow away kit.  This has a lovely white collar (I kind of love the collars, like on England’s kit for 05/06), same familiar three-striped shoulder, and now, a throwback with the gold on the sleeves.  Those of you who were Chelsea fans BEFORE they won anything will remember the old kits with gold and blue by Umbro (Umbro, how I hate you sometimes, but you made my England kit, so I’ll love you for now).  Oh, and that picture has a very young Jose Mourinho in it.  Yay Special One!!  How I miss you 😦

So, do I like the new kit? Eh, sure, it’s not really different at all.  

I think they’re still going to use the fugly yellow away kit for now until they release a new one in 2009.  On a separate note, have you SEEN the keeper’s kit? (It’s to the right, if you didn’t realise.)  Are we Barca all of a sudden?  What’s with the neon orange?  C’mon, Chelsea, have some class.  I know Petr has to be in a different colour, but SERIOUSLY.  Orange?!

Eh, go preorder the new kit here. Chelsea is the only team you ever really need to support.

And I stole these pictures from here, here, and found some on google.


11 thoughts on “New Chelsea Kit 08/09

  1. I like the new shirt. I think it is classy and a definite must buy. Sadly it is only for one season, (as will be all home kits from now on)

    I actually don’t mind the goalkeeper shirt, but im going to wait and see if another keeper kit is released (with the new away kit).

    The next away kit, is not going to be the electricity yellow one. It’s going to be a lighter yellow with light blue collars (same design as home kit). It looks good, finally a yellow away kit that may be as good as the 1997-98 one.

    (not 100% sure about the away kit info, i did see it on a site a month ago, but in fairness they did have the new home kit too)

  2. please if poss get back to me, im a chelsea fan and im sure more people will agree with me that its pointless changing the formal kit to … well that jersey. its basically the same.

  3. Orange GK is because Cech said he thinks bright colours throw off strikers. Orange helmet too???!!! I WISH!

  4. Bright colors are natural attractors. The theory is that strikers, without consciously thinking so, naturally aim for the bright color of the gk jersey.

    Now as to whether EPL strikers are as base as all that, that’s another question…

  5. eeewww the new home jersey sucks! especially those collars. prefer the old ones better. it looked good on our Chelsea players but these new ones are extremely ugly. yuck.

  6. yo. this new kit is extremely beutifull i have never seen anything beutifull as that exept the old one thanks

  7. i have got ballack on the back of it and i myt be getting the orange goaly kit i ddont no know y they keeep changing there jerserys every season cuz i have every1 of those chelsea tops i got the blue 1 the white 1 the green 1 and the new kit :D:D chelsea is the best come on u blues

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