Saturday Mass

I love going to mass on a Saturday. It’s seriously my favourite time for mass. It didn’t take much convincing, but Sean came with me. He had already gone that morning because it was his little brother’s First Communion. Man, I wish I had a picture from mine, because I looked like a 7 year old mail-order bride, complete with lacy gloves, veil, and beautiful white, lacy dress.

Right, so, Saturday mass. I dressed nicely to match how Sean usually looks (which is ridiculously nice – he dresses to impress 100% of the time) in a black and white flowy dress-top, jeans, and those cute kitten-heeled pink shoes. I usually meet Katrina at mass, so it was nice to have them both there. I wouldn’t say mass is more ‘meaningful’ when you have family or friends with you, but it’s more enjoyable. Depending on who I’m with, I get a running commentary about Fr. John’s homily (usually from Sean, sometimes from Ashley), and if I’m with Katrina, we’ll share a Missal, sing the songs together, and smile a lot. But, having them both there made me experience both things at once, and it was a special experience. I feel bad for not kneeling in defiance of the Bishop like Sean does during communion, but I don’t usually… and I had very little reason to do so. I’ll just go about my business like I usually do 🙂  Oh, if you’re not Catholic and don’t know the order of mass, here’s a link to explain everything to you.

Saying the Lord’s Prayer with both of them, though, was kind of special. Katrina grips my hand like a lifeline, and Sean just holds it gingerly. You know, I’ve gone to mass at the same time as Sean, but I’ve never gone *with* him. But, having them both there felt right, like I had been doing it for months or years. It was comforting.

I miss going to mass with my family. I miss my brothers not sitting still, and my parents telling us to shuttup and pay attention. But the one thing I miss the most was saying that prayer and holding their hands, then hugging at the sign of peace. We went at Easter, but it was just my mum, dad and I. Stevie didn’t come with us. It just wasn’t the same without him.

Well, this post has gotten out of hand, so I’m going to stop while I’m still ahead. *waves*


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