Apparently people looooove the Chelsea kit.

I’m kind of speechless, to be honest.  I usually get around 90-100 hits a day… but it spiked to 800.  What the heck, people?  Am I really that exciting?  Oh no, I know what it is… it’s Chelsea’s new kit.  That’s what spiked to 800.  Apparently everyone wants to see their “kind of new but not” kit.  Here’s the secret:

They added a collar, people.  It’s exactly the SAME KIT as the LAST TWO YEARS.

I know, right?  Sheesh.

Oh, and Chelsea play tonight for Champions league nonsense versus the Scouses again.  Go Chelsea!!  Hopefully we’ll convincingly win tonight.  Wheee!

PS: Buy the kit here.  Oh, and I stole the picture from the Chelsea Megastore homepage.


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