Relay for Life, it’s hot, and I’m tired.

Oregon has been about a bazillion degrees lately – it was 95 on Thursday, about 100+ on Friday, and Saturday was 95 again.  It gets humid in the Willamette Valley in the spring time, but you really can’t call this spring.  Unfortunately, Oregon has about two weeks of spring, then it jumps to summer (but spring comes very late here).  Bah, I hate the weather.  So, Thursday afternoon Ashley and I sunned ourselves in my garden in bikinis (I’m sure I’m not supposed to, but it was fun).  Then Sean went to go see Prince Caspian, and we were going to go see it at midnight, but my cat went missing so I had to go find him.  I called Emily (Sean’s sister) so she, her friend from beauty school, and Tim helped Ashley and I look.  Tim burned his cookies 😦

Friday was Relay for Life (woohoo!)  I got $900 worth of donations, so thank you everyone who donated to the cause.  I wish I had pictures, but I don’t believe they’ve been put online yet (I have pictures from game night a few weeks ago… I’ll put one up instead).  But yeah, we were running around in bikinis, grape leaves on our heads (we were Greece for a country… every tent got a country), sheets wrapped around us, etc.  It was super fun.  The walk of shame was embarrassing, as usual.  I don’t usually like people standing around, clapping at you as you walk by.  It’s just uncomfortable (and was seriously hot).  Eew sweaty nightmare.  I ended up staying until about 8:30 when I was just too tired to work, and I went home after picking up milkshakes for Sean and I 🙂  Woohoo!  We watched movies and enjoyed each other’s company.

Ooh, Saturday I went to a birthday party at Sean’s family’s house (his little brother, Quinn, turned 4).  Quinn is the cutest four year old I’ve ever met, and as Sean puts it, he’s a “precocious scamp”.  We played catch, kicked a ball around, played Wii, I attempted to teach him checkers, played Cars… I was tired.  I wanted to spend time with Sean at twenty-one years old, but ended up spending time with Sean at four years old.  🙂  I had a super great time.

So yeah, I’m tired.  I’ve done way too much in the last few days.  And now, I found out that a coworker has mono, and has been coming to work still.  I could get sick again!!  What the hell?! I’ve already had mono (hooray?) but my immune system is so low that it could happen again.  Not awesome.  Any ideas?


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