Blissful Respite

When said like that, blissful respite could mean a day at the coast, the spa, or even a day away from school.  For me, blissful respite is a day away from the friggin heat.  Yay, Oregon is now around 60 degrees, and it rained.  How I missed you, rain.  You have quenched the thirst of my poor, poor plants, especially my hydrangeas, which look pathetic.  Thank you, rain.  And now my house isn’t 100 degrees, and I don’t have to leave the windows open and fans on, which means my eyes won’t water.  Glorious rain!

On another note, cancer is neither blissful or glorious.  I have Hemorrhagic Colitis, thanks to the chemo.  So, for us normal people, that means I’m bleeding from my colon, and it’s quite uncomfortable.  I’ve been pulled off of all oral medications, and he’s going to delay my chemo a few days to make sure I’m okay by next week.  We’ll see. 😛  This is just another setback in a long list of setbacks.  I’m not excited about that at all, but whatever.

Another note, I’m watching Chelsea play Manchester United in the Champions League final right now, live from Moscow.  It’s actually being played over two days, having started at 23:45 local time (11:45 here), and Man U is already up 1-0.  I’m disappointed in Chelsea, because they’re playing timidly, and aren’t playing like they should be.  Frankly, they don’t deserve to win right now, which just breaks my heart.  They worked SO HARD to get here, and had that amazing match against Liverpool.  But, it’s a totally different team today, and I’m wondering why.  Granted, Man U is getting away with a lot of stuff that they shouldn’t be, and Makelele got a yellow card for no reason except that the red felt he had to prove himself and say, “Hey, I’m not going to let you get away with murder like you usually do.”  What a cunt.  So I’m pulling my imaginary hair out.  Actually, I put my wig on because I was wearing a dress earlier… I got a dress from Nordstrom, and had to try it on… it’s quite sexy (but that’s besides the point), so yeah, I never took my hair off.  Yay hair.  It makes me feel pretty.

I’m going to go watch Chelsea (most likely) not win, but I’m hoping they will!!!


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