I’ve not kissed anyone!!

So, I briefly mentioned that I had mono in my last post.  I had mono back in high school (junior year-ish), and was out for a quarter while I recovered.  Mono is just evil.  You get fevers, your glands and joints ache, you can’t swallow, your voice sounds like audible poo… and I have chemo to contend with too.  Well, no, I’m not taking it right now, obviously, because I can’t afford to get worse.  I was fine on Saturday – in fact, I was just a bit tired, but didn’t sound awful or feel awful.  Sunday morning I was great at choir, but it got worse.  Sunday afternoon it hit, and I’ve been terrible ever since. 

It’s been over a week.  My throat still hurts, and I have this awful hacking cough, but my fever is gone (yay!), and my joints hurt less and less.  My hips just ache instead of having constant, shooting pain.  Honestly, I feel better, and I sound much better.  I just need to get over this cough and sore throat, and I’ll be golden.  Even the doctor said my counts were good last Friday when I went in to see him.

I hate being so far off course with my chemo.  I can’t afford to do this anymore.  I think I’m going to have to quit my job, because every time I go in, I seem to get more sick.  My mum has told me hundreds of times, “You’ll find a new job, or they’ll let you come back – they’ll understand!”  Even Sean wants me to quit so I’ll feel better.  I just don’t know.  I need the money.  Dad says I don’t, but I know I do.  I just can’t afford to be sick any longer, and I need to get over cancer.  

Maybe they’ll understand.  Maybe they’ll let me come back in September when I’m over it completely.  


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