Death Pot Pie

My friend, Bob Woodshed, is in a band called Death Pot Pie, which is very serious business.  They currently have three albums, and are pressing a fourth, Jiu Jitsu Rampage, which they may lose in the shuffle.  They’ve had two recent shows, the first on 6/21 at the Chateau de Drunko in Corvallis, and tomorrow, 6/28, at the Philly Dome in Philomath.  They have about two dozen interchangeable members due to the low standards for membership (you just have to look good in leather pants, apparently, and like Miller High Life).  This is seen as a good thing, according to the web site, because this, “gives us more time for hookers and UFC. We like hookers.”

If you’d like to giggle/stare in shock for a few minutes, please visit  If you’d like to read about microbrews, which is what Bob actually does with his time, then please just visit  “Bob” and I attended OSU together until 2007, when he graduated and moved to Pulman, WA for grad school at Washington State.


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