Lots of Random Stuff

So, Happy 4th of July, everybody!  If any of you have read my About Me section, then you know all about my family’s flag-waving tradition on that day.  I went down to Lake Tahoe with my brothers and my mum and dad (and our family dog, The Gib) for a week.  We went all over town, boated, enjoyed a trip to Carson City, didn’t get a Dutch Freeze at the Dutch Bros. I saw (sacrilege!), and obnoxiously watched fireworks.  So, the firework show was amazing (totally amazing), and Steven and I made up our own music for it.  Mum and Dad sat farther back from us since we were just being annoying.  

My phone bit the dust in Lake Tahoe.  Yep, gone, died, 900 feet under.  I just bought it a month ago.  Do you realise how angry I am?  Seriously angry.  On Saturday, Steve and I drove back to Los Altos (near Stanford University, for those of you who don’t know the Bay Area) for the evening before my plane left for Eugene, and I had to go buy a new phone.  Yeah.  Seriously.  So I drove mum’s car to Mountain View (home of Google and about 5 miles away) to the only Verizon store I know of, and they didn’t have my Voyager in stock.  Lame.  So I got a Palm Centro, and definitely don’t like it as much.  It’s kind of ghei.  The buttons, despite it having a qwerty keyboard, are so close together that it’s hard to type with them. Well, it’s also hard to do anything with long nails, but I digress.  It has a Facebook program, so I have mobile crack at my fingertips.  Oh, how I heart Facebook.  Criminey.  Apparently California has a new “handsfree” law, which took effect 1 July, which states, “No one can drive a vehicle without a hands-free device while talking on the phone.”  Yeah, thanks for notifying us out of state people.  Where am I supposed to find a hands-free device?  Honestly, driving is easier with an earpiece, especially for those of us who prefer stick shifts, but when I don’t have my bluetooth thingie with me, what am I supposed to do?  I had just activated my phone, and Sean called.  I was thrilled, since I hadn’t talked to him in a few days, and answered the call.  A fucking cop pulls up behind me, and pulls me over.  NOT AWESOME.  The conversation went something like this:

Cop: License and Registration, please.
Me: I don’t know where my mum keeps her registration. I’m just visiting. *hands cop my license*
Cop: Did you know that California has a new hands-free law?
Me: No, what’s that?
Cop: Don’t you read the newspapers or watch tv?
Me: No, should I?
Cop: *patiently describes law to me*
Me: *leans over a bit to let my cleavage show* I’m sorry, I had no idea.  If I had an earpiece, I’d totally use it.
Cop: *glances at boobies* When did you get into town?
Me: Today.
Cop: When are you leaving?
Me: Tomorrow evening.  I’m just here for a day to watch the house while Mum and Dad are out of town (totally true).
Cop: *smiles* Well, I just have to check your license to make sure you’re licensed to drive and such, and then you can go.  I’m not going to give you a ticket today, since you’re obviously from out of state. It’s no problem.
Me: *bright smile* Thanks so much!  I really appreciate it! *thinks: Go boobies!* 

We then had some idle chit-chat about why I moved to Oregon, and if it’s pretty, and do I miss living in California, etc.  He was super, super nice, but I attribute that to the power of the boobies.  Go boobies!

I got my wig cut!  It looks awesome now, thanks to Sean’s sister, Emily.  She’s a student at Phagan’s Beauty School, and did an excellent job. 

My toy poodle, Sir Digby Chicken Ceasar, is driving me insane.  He has to go out in the mornings, and then I tend to let him romp in the backyard for the majority of the afternoon.  But he just… argh, he has so much energy that it’s hard to make him settle down for two seconds.  He’s *very* cute, though.  When I have some pictures (some are on Facebook, for those of you who are my friends), I may put them up here.  But I’m lazy, and just got Lego Indiana Jones for my xbox, so that’s very unlikely.  I have much more exciting things to do (like play xbox).

Do you know what it’s like to spend money frivolously?  I do, and it’s all thanks to the purchase of the new 15″ MacBook Pro.  Wow.  It’s shiny, made of metal, and is every mac lover’s wet dream.  Everyone should have one.  But, then it wouldn’t be special.  Lame.

Well, I just got out of a wedding (sigh), and I’m going to (hopefully) spend the rest of the day with Sean.  So, have a good afternoon and enjoy the incredible weather. 🙂


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