“Protesters Gather at Stiller Film”

The BBC has posted this article about the opening of Tropic Thunder, and how demonstrators gathered at the red carpet because the film “humiliates people with intellectual disabilities”.  Wow, really?  They said the word retard like, 15 times, and Stiller’s character is called Simple Jack.

Really, people?  You’re upset because we’re making fun of retards?  Do you know what?  They’re fun to make fun of.  I LOVE calling my little brother a retard (in fact, I call most of my friends a retard every now and then).

So, yeah.  Go retards for speaking your mind and protesting a satire-filled movie about movies based on the Vietnam war.  We really take you seriously.


One thought on ““Protesters Gather at Stiller Film”

  1. Oh, and they make fun of an English guy in the movie – racist pricks. I’m jumping on the protest bandwagon – who’s with me?

    I thought we weren’t allowed to call people with intellectual disabilities ‘retards’ anymore, therefore it should have no relevence. Unless of course they want the retard title back… in which case I’m sure we can reinstate it.

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