A bit better

My UTI is a bit better today (oh, I know all of you wanted to know that). I can move around a bit more comfortably than I could yesterday, and definitely more than the day before.  Wednesday was the worst day out of all of this, I think.  It was a combination of all the cranberry juice and drugs.  It just hurt! I’m trying not to take my viccodin, like I said yesterday.  I only have like, 9 pills left, and I’m trying to keep them as long as possible in case I need them for something else.  Of course, I could go back to Student Health Services and get more (most likely), but I don’t know if I should.  I usually just go complaining of shoulder pain after it dislocates, and they give me a bottle of stuff. *shrugs*

Sean brought me quesadilla about an hour ago, and it was soooo tasty. For those who know me, you know my favourite food is quesadilla with salsa verde, jalapeños, and guacamole.  Oh god it was tasty.  I’m going to totally regret it in 30 mins or so when it really starts to settle, and my poor tummy finally realises what I did to it.  But it was Qdoba, and I can’t resist!!

We watched some Monk, and some History Channel (it was a few hours about the decline of the Roman Empire, the French defence of Europe against the Muslims, and the conquest of the Vikings in Northern England).  It was interesting.  He’s playing Metal Gear Solid 4 on the PS3, and I know I’ll probably stay online and chat with Ashley for awhile, or take a nap. Summer is such a lazy time of year; I feel like I should be out doing something. Of course, I can’t, and I have to keep reminding myself of that every single day.  Oh well. A nap sounds like a good idea.


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