Ow ow ow

So, remember when I said I was sick, and had an infection? It spread to my bladder and kidneys, and I’ve been pissing blood and “protein” for a week. Not only that, but the medication they have me on is making me ill. I’m on one giant antibiotic, some souped up OTC drug that makes my pee goldenrod in color, and Percocet for the massive amounts of pain. So, I’m still in pain, but I’m high, and slightly narcoleptic. I’ve just been falling asleep at random points of the day and night. My eyes started to bleed, and my eye sockets are bruised. So, I look like I was assaulted. Of course, all of my hair had to fall out (again) this week, so I’ve been shedding in both the bath and shower. I’ve been in and out of Samaritan, been to SHS, and I’m just tired of being ill. Seriously. I just want to feel the normal level of crap that I usually feel. This is a whole new level that I DON’T WANT. There’s no upside to this at all. I’ve not been sleeping, and I hurt everywhere, and I pee every 5 minutes, and THAT hurts. Goddammit.

I’m going to go lay down and be cranky.  Or I’m going to go pee again.  Haven’t decided yet.


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