Barack Obama and Prop 8

So, I’ll split this entry into two sections, since one really has nothing to do with the other. So, here goes:

Obama’s Landslide Victory
Unless you live under a rock, you’ve now heard that Obama won by a landslide.  It was almost pathetic watching McCain give his concession speech at 8:30 pm PST.  The minute California, Oregon and Washington were given to Obama, he won.  It was so sad.  I was on the phone with my sister and she just laughed.  I really didn’t want it to end this way.  Obama may fix the economy if he does in fact stimulate the middle class by cutting taxes.  If they have more money to spend, then the economy has more movement, and the market may start to balance out.  But, if he’s unsuccessful, then we’re hosed.  I’m also praying for better health care.  I have really crappy insurance, and it’s about $190 per month (I can’t afford that), and I just spent $175 today on test strips and ONE prescription that my insurance doesn’t cover.  I think I spend a good $500 per month on drugs alone, not to mention diabetes testing supplies (those are pricey too).  Stupid insurance.  So, Obama, I implore you: please fix this.

Proposition 8 in California Passes
Not everyone knows what Proposition 8 is, but it’s a big friggin deal in my home state of California.  Gay marriage is a very testy issue, and people who disagree with Gays and Lesbians being able to marry have been thwarted time and again.  Back in 2000, we voted to outlaw gay marriage, and it passed.  But, in 2007, the Supreme Court ruled that us outlawing it was unconstitutional, so it was legal again.  Ppft, says those who disagree.  So, in comes Prop 8, which ammends the California constitution to read that marriage is only legally recognized between a man and a woman.  Suffice to say, I support Prop 8, and there are a million reasons, but the main one is that marriage is a sacred sacrament between man and woman in the Catholic Church, and allowing two men or two women to marry spits in the face of my beliefs.  I know I’m not very eloquent at the moment (it’s late, and I’m tired), but I don’t want my future children to learn in school that marriage can be for anyone.  That is just NOT TRUE.  Marriage is for a man and woman, period.  In California state law, gay couples (aka: domestic partners) already have the same rights as heterosexual couples, so really, this entire argument is over semantics.  Why can’t you be happy with “Civil Union”?  You already stole the entire visible spectrum as your symbol, so leave marriage alone.  It’s all we have left!  Here is a TV commercial for pro Prop 8 citing that it’s here “Whether we like it or not”.  Here is ABC’s most recent news clip on Prop 8.  The numbers right now are 53-47 in favor of Prop 8, so hopefully those numbers will stick.  They should call it in the next hour or so.

Apart from everything else, here is a short video reminding us about the Catholic Vote (it’s very moving).


5 thoughts on “Barack Obama and Prop 8

  1. Hooray for writing prejudice into a state’s constitution and boo for that whole separation of church and state thing!

  2. You say “marriage is a sacred sacrament between man and woman in the Catholic Church, and allowing two men or two women to marry spits in the face of my beliefs.” Well, that may be true, but I still don’t understand how that relates to the law. Government is not and should not be the Catholic Church. I also don’t understand how you think that relates to gay couples who want to get married outside the Catholic Church. How would that negatively affect you???

  3. Brin, think of something productive to add or don’t reply at all.

    Joanna, I don’t think that this is in any way limited to the Catholic Church, or religion as a whole for that matter.

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