What is wrong with us?

As a nation, we’re falling apart. The divorce rate is up, in correlation with the use of contraceptives, and the more we fill our bodies with hormones we wouldn’t allow in our food, the more absymal our situation becomes.  The Catholic Herald has an opinion piece today about Nancy Pelosi, the country’s worst “Catholic” (remember her comment on the Catholic Church’s stance on when life begins?), and it has some very good points:

So many of us have been hurt through divorce and depression. Not only has the rise in the divorce rate paralleled the rise in the popularity of contraceptive use in our nation, but the increase in the diagnoses of sexually transmitted diseases, the use of antidepressants and the increase in middle school children engaging in sex have followed this trend also. We are not a healthier people, nor are we happier families, since we have adopted a contraceptive mentality.

Very true.  We’re not happy at all, and if you look at the more traditional families with good, core values (especially in God), and who use NFP (natural family planning), THEY are happy.  The rate of divorce of couples who wait to have sex until they’re married, wait to live together until after marriage, attend church regularly, and pray together, is less than 1% (fact taken from my Fragua retreat – I wouldn’t know where to find that statistic).  I want to have that 99% happiness when I get married, and I want that for the rest of the world as well.  We were much happier as a nation before the 1960s and the idea of abortion and eugenics.

When will the time come when people realize that children are miracles and gifts, and not “mistakes” to fix with abortion?  Why are bald eagle eggs protected when it’s just a bunch of cells?  See my point?  The world needs to start protecting the human race as much as we protect the animal kingdom.

The article in the Catholic Herald can be found here.


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