Why I’m Not Watching the Academy Awards (again)

This’ll be a quick post since I’m writing from my Blackberry Curve 8330, and although I have tiny hands, they aren’t so small that this can be comfortable for long. I still have no idea how my dad, at 6’4″, could power-use a Blackberry for years at work. Bleh. My thumbs hurt a bit after typing so much.

Right, the Academy Awards (Oscars since the buttons are tiny). Award shows of any sort fell out of favor with myself a few years ago. I just stopped caring, because the people who put on the shows seemed to think they were the most important thing on television. I have HBO and Showtime, and all the best shows are on Sunday nights, so why should I divert from my normal schedule when I can just look up the speeches the next day on YouTube, or look on Google for the winners? Seriously, who wants to waste 5 hours of their life watching self-important actors and directors wank on about how awesome their indy movie that no-one’s ever heard of was? I sure as hell don’t. The Oscars are long over (I think) at the time I’m writing this (I think its about 11:45 pm, and I can’t be bothered to get out of bed). Apparently the Academy got it wrong again and think a (pardon my language) shitty indy film from India deserves 8 Oscars when The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The Dark Knight were in contention for the best picture award as well. This is percisely why no one watched last year (not to mention that Jon Stewart is over-used and over-rated). I’ve never heard of that indian movie! Wjy doesn’t the Academy start picking pictures that the general public has actually seen and enjoyed instead of a film that hasn’t even grossed 100 million dollars? Lame.

I watched Flight of the Conchords, Season 2, and Newhart, instead of watching the Oscars. To be honest, Sean and I had no idea the Oscars were even on tv until it was halfway over. Neither of us cared. Flight of the Conchords, on HBO, is a show I can whole-heartedly recommend. It’s NOT a waste of 30 minutes because it’s funny, creative, and you’re guaranteed a laugh or two. Bret and Jermaine’s music is both genius and comedic, and the structure of the show is endearing. This latest episode, Kristen Wiig from SNL co-starred as a woman who had lost her epileptic dog, and had won the hearts of both Bret and Jermaine. They vied for her attention, even switching clothes to seem more like the other in case she liked the other’s style, and eventually wrote a song for epileptic dogs and held a charity event. Of course, the comedic genius is their ‘remix’ of the song had a strobe light and phat beats, which led to all the epileptic dogs in the audience to have seizures (and some died, I believe). You should watch the show if you have HBO!

I think I’ve gotten to the point where my hands are tired of typing on a tiny keyboard, and I should go back to bed. To recap: don’t waste your time with award shows, since there is ALWAYS better tv on a higher channel. Goodnight šŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Watching the Academy Awards (again)

  1. I totally agree with your opinion about awards shows, and had a good laugh at the description of them wanking on. On the other hand, whether it deserved 8 Oscars aside, Slumdog was a really good movie and was worth the watch.

  2. If it’s Slumdog Millionaire you’re referring to (it’s a British movie) it actually grossed quite well over here and as a result did well at the BAFTAs. I heard a couple of my American friends actually comment on how great it was, so I assumed it had done fairly well over there too. Personally, I thought it was… good. Not much more. I’ve been a huge fan of Danny Boyle’s ever since Trainspotting, and love his other movies such as 24 Days Later and Sunshine, so I guess I expected more. He’s quite diverse, and each movie he’s directed has been a huge change in direction while keeping his own style in there. I was expecting to see one of my favourite actors, Amitabh Buchchan, in the movie, but all you saw was an imposter’s hands. Shame. But all in all I thought it was a good movie, but not that great that I would have expected it to win all the awards it did. I much prefer his earlier work.

    Speaking of Amitabh Buchchan, if you can check out a movie called Black. It might be a challenge sourcing a copy over there though!

    Al x

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