Livestrong Documentary: Livestrong at School

Well, T-1 day until the documentary filming.  For those of you who don’t know, I was asked to participate in a documentary for the Livestrong Foundation (Lance Armstrong’s foundation for Cancer Research, Support, and Awareness).  Well, I’ve been on and off about participating for a few weeks.  At first, when they said they wanted a “day in the life” of someone with cancer, I thought, “Hell no.”  A part of me still thinks that, tbh, but I’m warming to the idea of helping out.  I can’t really say no, now can I? Not when they’re HERE and will be filming me tomorrow.

I guess I’m supposed to talk about the stigma a college student receives when she has cancer.  Well, in a nutshell, I felt very isolated.  My friends stopped coming by, stopped calling.  Some got angry at me because I wasn’t well enough to go out and have fun with them.  I lost one best friend because he wasn’t willing to understand that I couldn’t go out and see him while he was visiting.  He gave up on me.  So, for me, cancer showed me who my true friends were, and what mortality really feels like.  I wrote letters to my family and closest friends, saying goodbye in case I died.  When I knew I didn’t need those letters anymore, I threw them out and opted to look towards the future.  No, I’m not a driven student – I’m still as lazy as can be when it comes to doing work – but I do know what’s important in life.  My faith is important to me; never have I experienced something so scary, but so beautiful at the same time.  No, cancer isn’t beautiful, but it’s cleansing, like a phoenix being reborn.  You remake your life by keeping the things that mean a lot to you, and purging the activity and friends that you no longer have any need for.

So, my day starts tomorrow at 8 am, when the film crew from Alpheus Media will be coming by to film me driving to OSU, and getting coffee. I’ll be going to classes, and then mass at noon.  They’ll film me talking to Fr. Lucas and Sue, and hanging out with my friends at 5 pm at McMenamins (woo!).  They’ll film Post Fragua, and my talk about the Apostolate.  Then that’s it 🙂  It’s less painful than I thought it would be.

I’ve got to run to class, or I’ll be late. If anyone has any comments about Alpheus Media’s documentaries, please leave some below.  If you get a chance, you should watch a few. Fr. Lucas fell in love with them, and after I watched one, I can see why. Ok! Have a good afternoon. *waves*


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