Operation: Livestrong a total success

I forgot to post on how my day of filming went. It was pretty awesome.  I was tired – I had maybe 2 hours of sleep the night before – but in good spirits. The film crew, which consisted of the cameraman, Wilson, the director/sound guy, Mat, and the two Livestrong representatives, Laura and Devon.  Laura and Devon were super fun to hang out with while interviews were being conducted with my friends.  The three of us stood off to the side and gossiped, and I gave them a swift tour of the “Betty Crocker classroom” at OSU.  It’s a classroom with a kitchen on a stage, complete with 1950’s accouterments.

People both in my physics class and at Post-Fragua were not thrilled that a camera crew was tagging along with me.  They asked, “Gah, Kristin, why didn’t you tell us so we could look nice?”  And I responded, “Well, we’re supposed to look like normal. Now, it wouldn’t be normal if the guys all wore ties and collared shirts, now would it?”  Livestrong, last week, sent a box with gifts for the Newman Center people, so I’m going to give those out at PF next time I go.  They filmed me walking a lot.  I remember them asking me to walk past the camera, ignoring them, and then stopping right afterwards.  Then, they’d film me walking to a certain point, where I’d stop, they’d walk past me, and the process would start all over again.  I had to have pretend conversations with my friends, unmiced, and then miced, staged conversations about how cancer feels, or how my friends and family helped.

The most awkward part of the entire situation was the hour-long interview with me sitting in Sue’s office at the Newman Center.  They asked me all sorts of questions, like, “What were you diagnosed with?” “How did chemo affect your schoolwork?” “What suggestions do you have for newly diagnosed college students?”  To be honest, those probably weren’t even the questions they asked.  Well, damn, I don’t know.  Now that I think about it, I answered some of those questions in ways I wouldn’t have answered now that I’ve had time to think about it.  They want pictures from treatment, when I had no hair and looked like crap, but I have very few pictures from that time, simply because I didn’t think I looked very pretty.

I’m glad the entire situation is over with, but I enjoyed the time I had with Mat, Wilson, Devon, and Laura.  I sort of wish I got a second day with all of them!  I did take a few short movies with my video camera while I was at McMenamins, and if I get them uploaded, I’ll post the links eventually.


One thought on “Operation: Livestrong a total success

  1. Hey, fun stuff, thanks for getting the education out.

    On NPR last week they had a radio interview of two women cancer survivors; one had colon, the other I think had breast. They were talking about what it’s like to be a survivor of cancer in your 20s & 30s.

    It’s sort of confusing. One point that stuck out is that the two women said people would ask them questions about how they got cancer, like it was some fault of theirs via their lifestyle. I got the same thing – people speculating my diet and such. It was sort of silly, I was working out at the gym several times a week and doing pretty well when I got testicular cancer. For all I know I ate some lettuce sprayed with DDT and that’s how I got it…you can’t control these things.

    But yah, them filming you is great. More education for people!

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