Back on the Bike

No more cancer means I can go ride my bike again. I used to ride my road bike upwards of 60+ miles a week (not a lot in road biking terms, but for me, 8~15 miles per day was a good averate), so when I stopped riding, there was a significant hole in my life.  I’m really not a good runner (I can only run on a treadmill), and the gym gets tedious after awhile. So, cycling was my ‘escape’ I suppose. Also, Oregon is gorgeous, and I loved being able to ride on rolling hills through farmland and forests.

I went to sleep last night around 8 pm, and woke up at 2 or so. Not my idea of a good rest, but it did allow me to go cycling at 5:30 this morning as the sun was peeking over the Cascades.  I had been talking to my brother on Skype until about 3:30, when I tried to go to sleep again.  I think I did for awhile, actually.  I have a queen sized bed, and I share it with 3 kitties… so I get a corner of the bed while they stretch out and get comfortable.  Sleeping with them is sometimes a chore, but they’re cute and it’s hard to say no to them.  Around 5:15, I shimmied out of bed with the crazy idea that I’d go cycling before I had to be in the lab around 8:15, so I got my old cycling clothes on, found some socks, and pulled my bike out of the garage.  Man did I have a good time.  I forgot what it was like to have the wind whistle past your ears, stinging your cheeks.  I also forgot to wear my ear covers, which was bad. It was really cold!  When it’s too cold and I cycle, my inner ears really hurt, and it makes the rest of the ride very uncomfortable. (Maybe it was a mixture of the cold and uncomfortable earbuds… who knows?).  My point is that I had an awesome time.

I’m so glad I decided to go out this morning, even if I only rode 3 miles or so.  Hey, I have to take it slow!  I can’t just jump on my bike and ride 20 miles in the first go-around. I don’t even have any muscles right now (well, if I do, they’re very small).  It’s going to take weeks/months to get me back to where I was before I got sick.  Stupid Cancer, ruining everything for me. *grumbles*


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