Modest Dress for Catholics

When I go to mass, I get distracted, and it’s not because the homily is boring, or because I didn’t get enough sleep the night before. From where I sit with the choir, I can see the entire congregation, and it doesn’t look good. Save for a few select families, we all look like a bunch of bums. I remember how we would dress up in the 80s and 90s to go to mass. What happened?! Why don’t women wear something, oh, feminine and modest, and why don’t the men at least put on a button up shirt and slacks? Is it THAT difficult to look nice for God?

I realize that with the changes of Vatican II, people seemed to think they didn’t have to look nice, or cover their heads to pray, or anything like that. The Vatican never, ever said that we were allowed to nix mantillas at mass. We’re a very liberal state, and I understand that, but that doesn’t excuse wearing daisy duke shorts and a boobie shirt for 90 whole minutes on a Sunday morning.

I am very, VERY disappointed in all of you. Yes, especially you, right there, the one in the pajamas. That is NOT OKAY. …rant over.


4 thoughts on “Modest Dress for Catholics

  1. God takes us as we are. Would Jesus not talk and walk w/me because how I dress? I think not. If I were a murderer or a prostitute He would still be there for me . . . even in my pajamas. That said, pj’s is a bit much

  2. Yes Jesus takes us as we are. But seriously, isn’t this a bit about respect? For both God and the Church? Would you show up at your grandmother’s house for Sunday dinner dressed like a harlot or like you just woke up?

  3. I agree, it could be about respect. But respect goes far beyond dressing “appropriately” for church. Respect for all, for everyone, regardless is they dress like a harlot (?) or like they just woke up. Even if they may be less than respectful, who am I to judge. I leave that up to God . . . at least I try.

  4. Kristin, I tried to find you on facebook, but I can’t pull up your page. I need to send you a private message. Can you tell me how to do that? I also tried on twitter, but you aren’t following me so I can’t.
    Cheryl Rector

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