The Joy of Bathing

Yes, strange title, I know. But, those who know me know I love my bathtime. Half of the time, I don’t even wash; I just like to sit in warm water. An old boyfriend from high school thought I had gills hidden under my long hair because I could lay in the water with just my nose peeking out for air for hours on end, with my toes maneuvering the stopper and the water faucet when I got cold.

The first thing I did when I got my first laptop (back in the 90s, oh yeah!), I bought one of those 50-100′ phone cords, and ran it from my bedroom jack into the bathroom. I taught myself how to balance my laptop on the side of the bathtub so I could sit in the water and be halfway productive, even if it meant just chatting with random people, mudding, and posting on usenet forums. When we finally got DSL in 1998 or so, the same thing would happen, but with an ethernet cord. I’ve been balancing my lappy on the bathtub wall for about 12 years now, and have yet to drop one in the water.

Wireless internet was really my downfall. Once I didn’t have to drag the cord into the bathroom anymore, I would take (on average) about 2 baths per day, not counting my shower in the morning. I don’t even use bath salts or bubbles on a regular basis – just the water. I guess I’m a bath ‘purist’. When I moved to the UK for school, I was so happy I didn’t have a shower in my flat that I almost cried. When I moved back to the US, I brought a shower fixture for my bathtub with me so I wouldn’t have to stand and bathe ever again. 🙂 Some call this lazy – I call it progress.

I collect rubber duckies. One evening, I decided to bring them all with me into the tub… and I couldn’t fit them all. Now, I’m not fat, but I’m not thin either, and I still had 8 or 9 on the side, just watching the elaborate battle I had planned. No, the battle never happened because I was interrupted, but the idea is still there. My little sis in Phi Sigma Rho gets me rubber duckies every year for Christmas, so I can owe it to her that I have so many.

This post really has no ‘purpose’ so to speak, but I needed to write about something other than cancer/college woes. I ended up dropping most of my classes because I was too far behind, and now only have 6 credits (one 4-credit class, and 2 credits of research). Sigh. I have chemo again soon, and I’m not looking forward to it. Having cancer sucks SO HARD. It makes life dull, with very little to pass the time. It’s mainly full of not feeling well, followed by not feeling well, then maybe a nap, followed by not much to eat, and then not feeling well again. Of course, TV and videogames are interspursed, as well as playing the piano/oboe/violin. You’d think I would have time to do coursework, but between not feeling well, and not feeling well, I just can’t be bothered.

If you have cancer, and you are a fully-functioning member of society with nary a side-effect to keep you at bay, then more power to you. I envy the crap out of you. Now, back to my bath.


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