WordPress 2 iPhone App = thumbs up

It’s nearly 4 am, and I’ve had the flu (and a fever) for about two days now. For those who have cancer, they know how dangerous this can be, but I think I’m fighting it off pretty well. So, with all of my free time just lazing about in bed and using my iPhone as a VLC remote to my mbp, I started to peruse the App Store. This always happens when I have nothing else to do! I end up downloading games or whatnot, and I’ll play them three times before deleting them. (I have a very short attention span.)

But, I came across WordPress’ new iPhone app update, WordPress 2. The UI is very clean and easy to grasp without too many problems (read: a chimp could use it, which means most bloggers could use it too). I absolutely love the tabs along the bottom for pictures/comments/previewing/etc. My mother could use this app! And I say that in a nice way, of course 🙂

For anyone who has an iPhone, and has ever wanted to start blogging and didn’t know what free service to use, check out WordPress. It’s absolutely amazing!


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