Oh, Peter DeFazio. Shame on you.

There was an article on Catholic.org about the ‘Catholic Hall of Shame‘, and it was a very interesting read. I knew that Oregon had a few Catholics that probably voted for abortion, and this has been going on for years. But, something in me just snapped this morning. Reading Peter DeFazio’s name on that list (no, I did NOT vote for him, even if he ‘represents’ me) incited disappointment in me, and prompted me to write him this letter:

Dear Representative DeFazio,

I’m a member of the St. Mary Parish in Corvallis, and was recently reading this (http://www.catholic.org/politics/story.php?id=34849) article on catholic.org about our Catholic Representatives in the Senate. After looking at your voting history, I was very, very surprised to find out you are Catholic as well.

This concerns me. You, and other Catholics in the government, are giving the rest of us bad names. If you still go to Mass and receive Communion, then shame on you. Voting for the intentional killing of babies with our tax dollars is not only unethical, but against your faith. I’m glad you’ve taken a side and decided that your social standing and someone’s right to choose to murder children is more important than Christ.

Canon Law states that you can excommunicate yourself if you don’t come to terms with the obvious schism you have created. Be sure that your Catholic constituents will be praying for you to come back to the Church. But, if that doesn’t happen, please leave the Church by name. Your voting record is an embarrassment.

Abortion is not health care, and abortion is not a choice. It is very cleverly-concealed genocide.

I recommend that any Catholic Oregonians out there write to Peter DeFazio and express your disappointment. You don’t have to be as strongly worded as I was, and I know suggesting someone leave the Church is probably a sin. But, I honestly think it’s better people like that leave because they obviously don’t believe what they say they do.

*sigh* That was my morning, how was yours?


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