Another year

School’s started once again, and I’m proud to say I’m finally back full time, and busy as ever. Apparently life doesn’t stop for cancer, which isn’t really fair. Most of my friends… all of my friends… have graduated. I made a few new friends in Geology, and it’s nice to hang out with them between classes. Unfortunately, I’m at school on Tuesday and Thursdays from 8 am to 9 pm, with a few hours break in the middle of that mess. I’ve actually got to be at school by 7:45 this morning, and it’s 2 am now. I just can’t sleep (which is weird). I was hoping to get 8 hours of sleep tonight, but that’s not going to happen, obviously. I guess teaching at 8 am is going to force me to go to mineralogy every morning.

I also joined the kendo club on campus. There are 7 other new members, which is great! A girl named Devynn is usually paired with me, since we’re the same height. It’s easiest to spar with someone your own size. The work outs exhaust me, but it’s a good kind of exhaustion! I’m really enjoying myself so far.

On the cancer front, I still have maintenance chemo, and there’s no cancer so far. I’ve gained most of my weight back, which I hate the most. Of course, I was supposed to. I just didn’t want to. It’s not fair 😦

I’ll try to keep this updated more as the quarter goes on!


7 thoughts on “Another year

  1. Glad to hear you’re keeping a positive attitude, and doing better! I’ve been associated with Relay for Life in my hometown for the past three years as an independent TV producer for the local channel. This past year we had a high school student stricken by cancer as the guest speaker, and it is heart-breaking to hear stories like these.

    I used to blog when I was in high school, so it was refreshing to see people like yourself blogging about everyday life! I just got on WordPress and was becoming dejected by all of these abandoned blogs.

    Anyway, I just wanted to leave a comment to try and network with some people. Good luck on your journey and I look forward to future blogs.

  2. “Apparently life doesn’t stop for cancer, which isn’t really fair.” I love that you think, after surviving cancer 4 times that THAT isn’t fair! ❤ U

  3. Hi,

    I have been reading through your blog and have found it really inspirational. I totally feel that life is not fair sometimes.

    Also, I wanted to let you know that I recently start working on a lymphoma site that was started by a lymphoma survivor and I wanted to see what you thought. Let me know if you have some time:

    All the best!


    • Thanks so much! I obviously haven’t written much lately, but it’s nice to hear that people still stumble onto my blog every once in awhile. And thank you for the info about your lymphoma site. I’ll go check it out!

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