So yeah, a hay truck caught fire right down the street from my house today. It was super cool.

Here was right after the engine of the truck exploded. Cool.

This was after I decided I didn’t want to die, and moved back.


The Mountain Story (finally)

I promised many of you I’d tell the story of how I ran into a mountain in my car. I’m warning you that it isn’t as exciting as promised.

I used to ride horses at a training barn for AA circuit horses. These are very expensive, very beautiful horses that I got to ride and train. Well, Aloe did most of the training, I just got to ride them and get ribbons for jumping fences and looking cute. So, after riding one day and smelling to the high-heavens, I was leaving to take Clara home. She was 10 at the time, and soooo cute. She got lessons by Aloe or Cimmer a few days a week, or she’d help me clean the barn and do random chores around the place. That day, we had gone on a trail ride to Big Basin. For those who don’t know what Big Basin is, it’s a forest in Northern California with giant sequoias. Many families (including my own) go camping there for the better part of a week during the summer.

So, if we were in the mountains, obviously the roads are curvy. You cannot have straight roads in the mountains, or you’d be somewhat hosed as your car pointed 45 degrees southward. Eep. After dropping her off, I began to back up. Well, guess what? There was a mountain in the way. Yes, Kristin didn’t see a great big fricken mountain behind her car. It was made of crumbly pressed sandstone, eluding to an alluvial history when it was once under water. Said crumbly pressed sandstone lodged itself into my tailpipe, and scratched my bumper up good and proper. It was so pristine before the friggin ‘accident’.

I had to crouch on the ground in my filthy riding clothes, sticking my riding crop up the tailpipe to try to get all the sandstone out. Clara got me a screwdriver so it was easier to dislodge, until I had really tiny bits left. I burned my hand trying to get them all out. I frown each time I see my bumper now… it still has bits of fieldgrass stuck in it too. I just can’t seem to get it all out 🙂

There. Are you happy now? I’m as oblivious as a seven year old with ADD. Everyone point and laugh at Kristin. Yep, there you go. Don’t you feel better now?

—By the way, did you know that a silver Sharpie covers up rock chips really well on a silver car??

Go Beavs!!

Beavers won the NCAA College World Series!!! We’re #1!!!!! Can you believe it?? The whole town was up in arms on Tuesday after the game – we were cheering in the streets, waving flags, and everyone was wearing orange and black. I’m still in shock, and it’s Friday!!

Oregon State’s the best 🙂

Physics…. HAHAHAHA!

I really wish there was a way to post my recordings from my physics class. I have this insane need to record my engineering lectures so I know what my notes are about when I get home, even though I probably won’t look at them again until midterms. But, my physics professor is from the Netherlands, and is a little difficult to understand. Our other professor who just retired (Pat Cannan) was awesome. His lecture notes were useless, but his demonstrations were always really exciting. Whenever something would happen, he’d be like “Woah!!”. Yeah, I guess you’d have to have been there. Anyways, now that Pat’s gone, we JUST have Henri Jansen, and we’re all hosed. I can’t understand half of what he says, nor what he lectures about. We’re doing Gauss’ Law right now, and I understand that, but not his examples. They make no sense to someone who isn’t an EE (electrical engineer).

So, consequently, my sister Sara and I sit there and chat half the time, usually about… well… lots of random stuff. Crystal, another sorority sister and an EE, sits in front of Sara and next to this guy named Brian who has a really funny speech impediment. I don’t make fun of him! He’s a super genius, one of those students you wanted to kick in the pants because they never have to study, and still get an A, while you work your butt off for a C. Me, bitter? No. Well, maybe a little bit.

Back to whatever I was talking about. Oh yeah! Recording lectures for the benefit of better note-taking. Does it work? No, but it gives me a good laugh when I get home. Apparently when I speak, I don’t hear what kind of crap comes out, so when given a second chance, I can’t help but laugh uncontrollably. Thank god for little recordie-deeliebobs (that’s a technical term, by the way).

This week is a week I dread every year: Greek Week. It’s not that I don’t like showing my Greek pride, because that’s not the case. I wear my letter sweatshirts probably 5/7 of the week. I have issues with other sororities pretending to like us. We get the best grades every quarter, but we’re not the typical sorority. Yeah, we’re engineers, we don’t have time to get our hair done together, or to go shopping in Eugene. We have homework, projects, internships, and sleep. That’s the most important of them all. [side note: I slept from 5:45 to about 10 tonight, and it was awesome, especially after 2 hours of sleep last night. Stupid procrastination.] Every year, we have a Greek Olympics, and each sorority and frat does competitions against one another. The girls have a Tug o’ War, changing a tire (how sexist, those bastards), a relay race with a raw fish as the baton, and a melon toss. After ruining my outfit last year in the melon toss (canola oil got all over a North Face jacket I had on, and it was my favorite), I swore I wouldn’t ever participate in the Olympics again. There is no Kristin in team. We had pictures, and then I was out of there. So, I have no idea how we did. Out of all the other Greeks, our sorority got third last year (whee!). Dunno how we’ll do this year.

I know we did discuss a problem about a taco tied to a string and swinging it over our heads… and what force would be required to make the toppings fly out onto everyone else. Yeah, we have a good time.

OH!! I cant believe people actually read my blog! It’s amazing!!! (and slightly scary). I wonder what they actually think?! Probably something like “This Kristin is a nutcase!”. Yeah, I knew that already, which is why I’m loved and adored by my friends 😉 J/K!! But yeah, I’m a nut! It’s like that song about the nuts… nevermind. Only my mom would understand what song I was talking about. Ok ni ni!!! I’m gonna finish my trail mix, clean up, and take out the trash. Gah, I hope it isn’t raining.