Happy Birthday, Ashes!!

It is my sister, Ashley’s, 21st birthday today.  Woohoo!  I *know* that I was looking forward to this day way more than she was.  At least we could go down to the pub and have a drink in England, but here, they card ALL the time, and I felt wrong encouraging her to break the law with me. So, now she isn’t!  It’s too bad I had chemo today (I feel like crap, thankyouverymuch), or I’m sure I’d enjoy going out with her a lot more.  I’m still going to go to her party tonight, but I’m sure it’ll be an early night for me.  I think Sean is going to come as well – I dunno.

So, Happy Birthday Ashley!  I’m soooooo thrilled!



Well, it’s my birthday.  Another candle on the cake, etc.  24 isn’t all that old when you think about it.  I actually spent the first part of my birthday with my friend Rian.  He messaged me on my phone tonight, and I had NO idea who it was.  He wasn’t in my phone for some reason, and it just came up as a phone number.  So, I left Jason’s house at 22:00, and rushed home to get ready to meet my mystery person at 22:20 at Squirrels.  Yes, there is a bar in Corvallis named Squirrels… it’s awesome.  So, we met there, and made merry (woohoo).  I’ve not seen him in two months, so it was good to hang out, even though I had no idea who it was who messaged me in the beginning.  I think I thought it was him for a second.

Well, so I’m at home now.  It’s half past one in the AM and no one’s messaged me on facebook to wish me a happy birthday. I’ve had numerous calls for well-wishes, and I’m glad I got to share the happiness with Rian.  I wish Jason could come, but he had to sleep since he has to be up at 8 am.  So early!!!!!!!

I’m going to bed, now that it’s 2 am.  Sooo sleepy.  And it’s my birthday. I can do whatever I want!!!!  Go me!