Blissful Respite

When said like that, blissful respite could mean a day at the coast, the spa, or even a day away from school.  For me, blissful respite is a day away from the friggin heat.  Yay, Oregon is now around 60 degrees, and it rained.  How I missed you, rain.  You have quenched the thirst of my poor, poor plants, especially my hydrangeas, which look pathetic.  Thank you, rain.  And now my house isn’t 100 degrees, and I don’t have to leave the windows open and fans on, which means my eyes won’t water.  Glorious rain!

On another note, cancer is neither blissful or glorious.  I have Hemorrhagic Colitis, thanks to the chemo.  So, for us normal people, that means I’m bleeding from my colon, and it’s quite uncomfortable.  I’ve been pulled off of all oral medications, and he’s going to delay my chemo a few days to make sure I’m okay by next week.  We’ll see. 😛  This is just another setback in a long list of setbacks.  I’m not excited about that at all, but whatever.

Another note, I’m watching Chelsea play Manchester United in the Champions League final right now, live from Moscow.  It’s actually being played over two days, having started at 23:45 local time (11:45 here), and Man U is already up 1-0.  I’m disappointed in Chelsea, because they’re playing timidly, and aren’t playing like they should be.  Frankly, they don’t deserve to win right now, which just breaks my heart.  They worked SO HARD to get here, and had that amazing match against Liverpool.  But, it’s a totally different team today, and I’m wondering why.  Granted, Man U is getting away with a lot of stuff that they shouldn’t be, and Makelele got a yellow card for no reason except that the red felt he had to prove himself and say, “Hey, I’m not going to let you get away with murder like you usually do.”  What a cunt.  So I’m pulling my imaginary hair out.  Actually, I put my wig on because I was wearing a dress earlier… I got a dress from Nordstrom, and had to try it on… it’s quite sexy (but that’s besides the point), so yeah, I never took my hair off.  Yay hair.  It makes me feel pretty.

I’m going to go watch Chelsea (most likely) not win, but I’m hoping they will!!!


Holy crap, Chelsea!!!

You’re going to Moscow!!!  Champions League FINALS!!!  OMG.

…Now, all you have to do is ruin Man Utd again, and you’ll be sitting pretty with another piece of silver in your cabinet.

There isn’t much to say about the AMAZING match vs. Liverpool.  It was brilliant, and I’m angry at my tivo for not recording the last 12 minutes.  If anyone recorded the match and has it on their computer (in its entirety), could you send it my way?

Apparently people looooove the Chelsea kit.

I’m kind of speechless, to be honest.  I usually get around 90-100 hits a day… but it spiked to 800.  What the heck, people?  Am I really that exciting?  Oh no, I know what it is… it’s Chelsea’s new kit.  That’s what spiked to 800.  Apparently everyone wants to see their “kind of new but not” kit.  Here’s the secret:

They added a collar, people.  It’s exactly the SAME KIT as the LAST TWO YEARS.

I know, right?  Sheesh.

Oh, and Chelsea play tonight for Champions league nonsense versus the Scouses again.  Go Chelsea!!  Hopefully we’ll convincingly win tonight.  Wheee!

PS: Buy the kit here.  Oh, and I stole the picture from the Chelsea Megastore homepage.

Chelsea v Scouses (a note) and their new kits

So, here we are, Chelsea.  You only drew with Liverpool because you were awarded a goal by John Arne Riise. After his accidental volley into his own net, his face was redder than his hair or his shirt, and you got a share of the spoils you didn’t really deserve.  Granted, it was a hard-faught match, with few opportunities given by other side.  My lovely Petr Cech, you are amazing, and I’ll ignore the nutmeg you let through because, frankly, stopping that amazing shot by Stevie Gerrard towards the end of the match was godly, and if you didn’t save it, the consequences would’ve been dire.  We just have to hang on next week at the Bridge for the rematch, and then Moscow here we come!!

Yeah, so every time I watch Chelsea and Liverpool play, I’m put to sleep.

Chelsea’s new kit comes out Friday, 25 April, and I’m excited.  I’ve already preordered my kit and everything, since I’m a sucker for new jerseys every two years.  I wonder what it’ll look like… I know their sponsor is still Adidas (any other would feel wrong… and Umbro, your kits are fugly), and seriously, if the away kit is BRIGHT FRIGGIN YELLOW again this year, I will bleach my eyeballs.  Why can’t we just have white and blue like we’re supposed to?  Oh nooooo, has to be black and freaking yellow.  It’s not like we can have many colours either, since the Blues are kind of expected to be, well, blue.  I’m on pins and needles over here!!!