Blissful Respite

When said like that, blissful respite could mean a day at the coast, the spa, or even a day away from school.  For me, blissful respite is a day away from the friggin heat.  Yay, Oregon is now around 60 degrees, and it rained.  How I missed you, rain.  You have quenched the thirst of my poor, poor plants, especially my hydrangeas, which look pathetic.  Thank you, rain.  And now my house isn’t 100 degrees, and I don’t have to leave the windows open and fans on, which means my eyes won’t water.  Glorious rain!

On another note, cancer is neither blissful or glorious.  I have Hemorrhagic Colitis, thanks to the chemo.  So, for us normal people, that means I’m bleeding from my colon, and it’s quite uncomfortable.  I’ve been pulled off of all oral medications, and he’s going to delay my chemo a few days to make sure I’m okay by next week.  We’ll see. 😛  This is just another setback in a long list of setbacks.  I’m not excited about that at all, but whatever.

Another note, I’m watching Chelsea play Manchester United in the Champions League final right now, live from Moscow.  It’s actually being played over two days, having started at 23:45 local time (11:45 here), and Man U is already up 1-0.  I’m disappointed in Chelsea, because they’re playing timidly, and aren’t playing like they should be.  Frankly, they don’t deserve to win right now, which just breaks my heart.  They worked SO HARD to get here, and had that amazing match against Liverpool.  But, it’s a totally different team today, and I’m wondering why.  Granted, Man U is getting away with a lot of stuff that they shouldn’t be, and Makelele got a yellow card for no reason except that the red felt he had to prove himself and say, “Hey, I’m not going to let you get away with murder like you usually do.”  What a cunt.  So I’m pulling my imaginary hair out.  Actually, I put my wig on because I was wearing a dress earlier… I got a dress from Nordstrom, and had to try it on… it’s quite sexy (but that’s besides the point), so yeah, I never took my hair off.  Yay hair.  It makes me feel pretty.

I’m going to go watch Chelsea (most likely) not win, but I’m hoping they will!!!


Apparently people looooove the Chelsea kit.

I’m kind of speechless, to be honest.  I usually get around 90-100 hits a day… but it spiked to 800.  What the heck, people?  Am I really that exciting?  Oh no, I know what it is… it’s Chelsea’s new kit.  That’s what spiked to 800.  Apparently everyone wants to see their “kind of new but not” kit.  Here’s the secret:

They added a collar, people.  It’s exactly the SAME KIT as the LAST TWO YEARS.

I know, right?  Sheesh.

Oh, and Chelsea play tonight for Champions league nonsense versus the Scouses again.  Go Chelsea!!  Hopefully we’ll convincingly win tonight.  Wheee!

PS: Buy the kit here.  Oh, and I stole the picture from the Chelsea Megastore homepage.

Chelsea 2-1 Manchester United

We won! Michael Ballack has redeemed himself beautifully, Ronaldo was on the bench (woohoo), Drogba ninja-kneed Vidic in the face at the beginning of the match, causing blood to spurt everywhere (seriously), etc etc. Sir Alex fielded a rather lacklustre team, resting most of his impressive players for the Champions League match on Wednesday. I don’t know why he didn’t just field a reserve team, and rest ALL of his good players (like Rooney, Rio and Carrick, who all played amazingly). I mean, with a reserve team, Chelsea would have ruined them, and it wouldn’t have been nearly as entertaining.

Drogba whines too much, again. He accidentally got poked in the eye before the half, but he was being a whiny bitch about it and complained, loudly, to Alan Wiley. Why is he always the ref for matches like this? He’s so flippin lenient – this is how Joe Cole gets away with ninjaing other players. But in this case, Ashley Cole got mowed down by Nani, but Nani only got a stern finger-wagging.

In injury time (45+), Michael Ballack made a supurb back-post header, assisted by Drogba, and I nearly wet myself. We were winning! Woohoo! And, deservedly, too. We had most of the possession for the first half (like, 70% or something). It was like Avram Grant lit a fire under Chelski’s butt. THIS is how I like to watch them play. Why didn’t they play like this during the Carling Cup?

Manchester United’s goal was inexcusable. Carvalho passed the ball to Rooney (wrong team, Carvalho), who dribbles it 30 yards, around Terry, and gets a goal. What the hell?!

The minute Ronaldo was put into the match, he and Ballack were fighting… I didn’t really see what happened, but I think Ballack tried to smother him, and the ref didn’t give Ballack a penalty. Hooray, Alan Wiley. Come to think of it, there were a lot of penalties the entire match. And Drogba complained a lot, because he’s a friggin Prima Donna. Right, so Mikel kicked the ball into Carrick’s arm, and we got a penalty shot in the 85th minute or something, and Ballack got it in. So, we won. Van Der Sar and Drogba both were booked for time wasting, Sir Alex was angry for whatever he was angry about, Shevchenko actually played, and was useful, and towards the end, Drogba and Shevchenko played keep away in order to run the clock out.

Yay we won!! I’m still stoked. I’m going to go celebrate – again. 😀 And for those of you who are sick of my footy posts, don’t worry, I’ll post something else later. *waves*

Why every neutral should root for Chelsea tomorrow

This post was NOT written by me, but by a genius at  The permalink is here.

I don’t know quite when Chelsea became more hated than Manchester United, but it’s seems to have happened. We always get Spurs, Liverpool and Arsenal fans hawking abuse towards Chelsea here on Pies, but in recent weeks it seems everyone from Turks, Peruvians, and even those ever friendly Newcastle fans want to take a pop at Chelsea. Oddly I think most neutrals will be supporting United in the Premier League title decider tomorrow.

Their reasons? They reckon… (1) Chelsea fans are “chavs”, (2) Chelsea fans are “corporate toffs”, (3) Chelsea “have no history”, (4) Chelsea “bought their success”, or (5) Chelsea “play dull football”. Well every club has their fair share of chavs and prawn sandwich fans (especially Man Utd). Go to any Burger King I guarantee you’ll find someone with an Asbo and a fake United tracksuit stolen from an Essex carboot sale. As for the corporate lot – wasn’t the term “prawn sandwich brigade” coined to describe Man Utd fans?

Lack of history? Nobody (in their right mind) has ever said Chelsea have the history of a Liverpool or Manchester United, but let’s face it the Stamford Bridge trophy cabinet has still had a lot of silverware on it’s shelves over the years while other supposedly “big” clubs have just had “dust” clogging up theirs.

Bought their success? Who hasn’t in 2008? Everybody spends, and spends big – some just spend better than others (see Leeds, Wolves, Spurs, Newcastle, etc). As for point (5) did anyone else watch United’s Barca game – it was hardly exciting stuff.

If Chelsea win tomorrow, it’ll keep the Premier League race wide open, and create an exciting finale for everyone, especially the neutrals. And let’s face it with only Euro 2008 on the horizon we all need that…


New Chelsea Kit 08/09

Jersey 08/09

Yes, my fellow Blues fans, the day is here – the new Chelsea kit for the next two years was revealed!!  Now, do you recognize anything familiar?  I’m glad Adidas didn’t go hog-wild like they did with the fugly yellow away kit.  This has a lovely white collar (I kind of love the collars, like on England’s kit for 05/06), same familiar three-striped shoulder, and now, a throwback with the gold on the sleeves.  Those of you who were Chelsea fans BEFORE they won anything will remember the old kits with gold and blue by Umbro (Umbro, how I hate you sometimes, but you made my England kit, so I’ll love you for now).  Oh, and that picture has a very young Jose Mourinho in it.  Yay Special One!!  How I miss you 😦

So, do I like the new kit? Eh, sure, it’s not really different at all.  

I think they’re still going to use the fugly yellow away kit for now until they release a new one in 2009.  On a separate note, have you SEEN the keeper’s kit? (It’s to the right, if you didn’t realise.)  Are we Barca all of a sudden?  What’s with the neon orange?  C’mon, Chelsea, have some class.  I know Petr has to be in a different colour, but SERIOUSLY.  Orange?!

Eh, go preorder the new kit here. Chelsea is the only team you ever really need to support.

And I stole these pictures from here, here, and found some on google.

Chelsea v Scouses (a note) and their new kits

So, here we are, Chelsea.  You only drew with Liverpool because you were awarded a goal by John Arne Riise. After his accidental volley into his own net, his face was redder than his hair or his shirt, and you got a share of the spoils you didn’t really deserve.  Granted, it was a hard-faught match, with few opportunities given by other side.  My lovely Petr Cech, you are amazing, and I’ll ignore the nutmeg you let through because, frankly, stopping that amazing shot by Stevie Gerrard towards the end of the match was godly, and if you didn’t save it, the consequences would’ve been dire.  We just have to hang on next week at the Bridge for the rematch, and then Moscow here we come!!

Yeah, so every time I watch Chelsea and Liverpool play, I’m put to sleep.

Chelsea’s new kit comes out Friday, 25 April, and I’m excited.  I’ve already preordered my kit and everything, since I’m a sucker for new jerseys every two years.  I wonder what it’ll look like… I know their sponsor is still Adidas (any other would feel wrong… and Umbro, your kits are fugly), and seriously, if the away kit is BRIGHT FRIGGIN YELLOW again this year, I will bleach my eyeballs.  Why can’t we just have white and blue like we’re supposed to?  Oh nooooo, has to be black and freaking yellow.  It’s not like we can have many colours either, since the Blues are kind of expected to be, well, blue.  I’m on pins and needles over here!!!

Testing, and What the Hell, Chelsea?!?

Seriously, now. I’m so sick and tired of needles. They plague me. I got a needle in my spine so they could let my spinal fluid drip into a vial. I got a bunch of stinging needles in my butt/back, then a giant auger shoved in so they could filch my bone marrow. I had an IV in all day so they could take my blood, give me drugs, and eventually a bunch of radiation-laced glucose for a PET scan. Ah, the joys of testing when you have cancer.

I took a bunch of viccodin when I got home, before my local wore off on my arse, so I could actually function today. Surprisingly enough, I think I’m getting sick again. Just when I think I’m over having an ear infection, I woke up with swollen glands in my neck, and my throat is sore. I have a constant headache, and it hurts to swallow. Now, this is different from the normal throat hurting from the chemo (because I throw up too much, I’m sure). This feels like I’m coming down with a freaking cold of some sort. Bah, I can’t keep myself healthy. If I don’t kick this thing in the butt, I’m not going to be able to do chemo this week, and we’re going to have to put it off, and I can’t do that.

I’m so terrified the results are going to come back with, “You have an infection. The chemo isn’t working.” bla bla bla. If it did… I seriously think I’d lock myself in my closet.

OH. Ok, so I get home from the hospital and curl myself on my side on the couch, and switch on the Chelsea v Wigan match. This should’ve been an easy win. Seriously, Chelsea, what the hell? Wigan are at the BOTTOM of the bloody table, and you have to go and DRAW with them. The first half was rubbish and I don’t even want to discuss it… but I will. Avram Grant, pull your head out of your arse. You can’t play Essien, Mikel, and Bridge together and expect magical things. Wayne Bridge is rather useless. Michael Ballack went back to being useless today from his brilliant header in the last match. Anelka has YET to score at Stamford Bridge, and many were expecting him to at least pretend he was participating. Drogba was being douchy without even setting foot on the pitch (he resorted to childish antics from his seat on the sidelines). Kalou is just embarrassing. Chelsea were rather lacklustre in the first half since Joe Cole and Lampard were missing (Lamps’ absence has been put down to ‘personal matters’… probably cheated on his fianceé again, according to Justin). The team was booed off the pitched at the Bridge, which was depressing. They needed to be serious about this match. The Premier League title was at stake!! What the hell, Chelsea?! You make me want to tear my hair out!! (haha, chemo joke).

Of course, Essien decided to score in the 55th minute after Joe Cole was put onto the field at the half, thank GOD. Grant needs to realise that Joe Cole is an integral part of the team, and when he’s not playing, footy is plain boring and unproductive. I was nodding off, tbh. So, nothing else exciting happened. A few Wigan players were booked for unsportsmanlike conduct (ninja-kicking to the face, more like it). Actually, only Joe Cole does that, and he never gets caught. Joe Cole is a ninja. I think Wigan just tripped us or pushed or pulled on shirts like they do. Well, the scored in the 92nd minute, which was rubbish. Chelsea were settling for the 1-0 win like they do (just like OSU… we forget we’re playing in the 4th quarter [american football] and just lay back and accept our laurels). But yeah, so we drew. So we get 1 point. So there’s no way we can win the Premier League title.

After speaking to Justin on the phone for 40 minutes (I really do miss him sometimes), we decided that we’ll still beat Man U at home in a few Saturdays time, and continue to barely win any matches, but will lose the title. It’ll be lame.

Avram Grant, here is a little bit of advice: Stop sucking. Pull your head out of your arse and put in the PROPER players. Don’t put a bunch of shite players together and expect miracles. I know you’re testing the waters, but there is a reason Chelsea were winning – it’s because of the way certain players mesh, and you are ignoring the ‘mojo’ so to speak. I’m not too worried, though. If Chelsea win nothing this year, your ass is sacked, and we’ll have a new manager next season. I hate you anyways. And I hate Ronaldo, but that’s just cuz.

I’m going to sleep before I get any more retarded. See what happens when I get all worked up at sport? *argh*

*snorts* I just realised that my Chelsea part of the post is 2/3 of the entire blog entry.  We now see what I believe to be more important.  While the cancer part IS first, I had to get it out of the way to really say what I wanted to say, and that is, “Chelsea, stop being rubbish, and dump your loser manager.  We miss you, Jose Mourinho.”