Pie crust is gooooood

Have you ever bought the pre-made pie crusts from Safeway or Freddies or wherever? They are SO tasty, especially if they’re made in a pie. But no, I didn’t make a pie. I just ate the crust. I didn’t eat all of it… but I ate a fair amount. I had like, 3 servings of dough (3/8 of the pie). One serving is 2 or 3 points. Oops. It was total stress snacking. I’m watching Jason’s dog over the weekend while he and his parents are fishing up in Astoria, and Kenz has just been an absolute terror. He’s running around the house, breaking things, ruining my yard… but I don’t have the heart to tell him that Kenz is a menace sometimes. It’s not as bad as it sounds, and he was actually pretty good for most of the afternoon, until he started to pace and whine and his farts smelled like death. Finally, he started to jump up and down a lot and looked SO uncomfortable, so I let him out and he just took a massive squishy dump on my lawn. Gross. It’s raining too, so I don’t want to pick it up, even though it’ll just get MORE squishy.

So, I used 33.5 points today. My limit is 24, but the pie did it. That was 8 points. If I hadn’t eaten the crust, then I would’ve been under 24. Everything else was okay!! I had Weetabix, tea, cottage cheese, gherkins, pasta salad, cooked salmon, zucchini/squash, and a bit of tartar sauce. Dammit, this was supposed to be a good day. Now I have to go to sleep with pie crust in me. I feel ill 😛

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First Weigh-In & Stress

So, this morning was my first weigh-in. I was excited, actually. I left Jason’s around 8:20 and hitailed it across town so I would make it to class with only being 8 minutes late (I’m always late to Classical Mechanics). So, from 181 last week or so, I’m down to 175.8 lbs (on my digital scale, so you know it’s not lying). Hooray for me!

On an opposite note, I went over my points today. We had a final in thermo, and I studied straight from 10 am until 12:30, then from 2-6:30 (when we stopped and started the test itself). It was a joke. I’m not even going to talk about that trash. But the point is I got nervous and began nibbling again. A handful of trail mix here, a 6″ veggie sub there (but it wasnt that bad), and I did drink a lot of crystal light instead of pop. It could’ve been worse, but I had 1/2 a bag of M&Ms that I split with Colin during the exam, and that’s 3 pts. It was just a few points over, but at least I didn’t go to McDonalds afterwards like I wanted to. I just wanted to bury myself in a Big Mac or a double cheese burger, with huge fries. I didn’t, though. I’m proud of myself. After the M&Ms I felt slightly disgusted with myself, but it’s okay. I’ll just be better tomorrow.

Sleep tight.

Holy Lord.

Why can’t I have a normal trip home, for once?!

My engine blew up.

No, no, wait, it’s okay, I did get home (eventually), but I was stranded in Roseburg for… two hours? I sat on the side of I-5 with a sandwich, bottle of water, and 1984. If my hood weren’t up, it’d look as though I was having a picnic. The tube connecting the manifold and the air intake blew off, and I lost the metal thing that attached the two together, so I couldn’t go anywhere. No air means the computer would say no more gas, which means my car backfired and scared the living poop out of me. I didn’t cry, but I was damn close. Eventually, a family pulled up behind my car and they were sooo helpful. The dad actually found my metal thing, and put my car back together (all before the bloody towtruck got there), and the mom wanted to take me home with them so she could feed me and let me sleep there since it would be relatively late once I got to Palo Alto (yeah, it was 12:30am when I got home). They were like angels! They selflessly helped me out and cheered me up 🙂 I just wish I got their names so I could send them flowers or a basket.

Next, a boat became unhitched from the Surburban that was pulling it. Oooh that was scary. I got past it without dying.

If I had anyone to play roadkill bingo with, I would’ve kicked their butt. I saw a dead wild pig. Who sees those everyday? Oh, and a dead fricken Lynx or something. Giant cat-like creature. It was sad, because it reminded me of Capone, but at the same time, I wanted to get out and poke it with a stick.

When you drive out of the Klammath Range and you see Mount Shasta in the distance, bathed in golden sunlight… It’s one of those times where you say, “Yeah, there could be a God. That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” And it was. I should’ve stopped and taken a picture, to be honest. There were a few people stopped off the side of the freeway with their expensive cameras. I don’t think my camera phone would’ve done it justice. *sigh* It’s that moment where you wish you had all the time in the world to stand there with your significant other, wrapped in each others’ arms, enjoying the view as the sun slowly sinks below the horizon. The sky turns into a kaleidoscope of pinks and oranges, and the warmth envelopes you like a familliar blanket… Sorry, I’m getting a bit sappy, even for my tastes. I think I’m depressed because I actually got home. For a second, while I was stranded, I was happy I couldn’t go home. I was excited at the prospect of being able to turn around and drive back.

Ok, so I’m not really making any sense. I had four energy drinks, four cans of pop, and only a little bit of water. I’m shaking like a leaf in a tornado. I think there really is a limit as to how much caffeine you can put into your body at once, and that much just isn’t good for you. Actually, I think I put a hole in my stomach.

Well, here I am. Might as well make the best of it and go to REI to replace my Tevas.

Getting Lost :-P

(22:16:48) Me: so, i got lost today
(22:17:18) Crystal: ?
(22:17:19) Crystal: where?
(22:18:15) Me: i was driving down 53rd
(22:18:21) Me: i saw a field burning, so i wanted to go see
(22:18:27) Me: and i drove through fire
(22:18:28) Me: sort of.
(22:18:41) Me: it was like, 5 feet from my car, and the smoke was everywhere, and i couldnt see
(22:18:46) Me: then i turned left at Bellfountain rd
(22:18:47) Crystal: 😦
(22:18:56) Me: and i thought, hey, there’ll be a turn around somewhere
(22:18:58) Me: no dice.
(22:19:04) Crystal: oi, that sucks
(22:19:16) Me: i passed a huge mass production christmas tree farm
(22:19:26) Me: and Finley forest
(22:19:30) Me: and then a logging camp
(22:19:39) Me: and then some neat geology
(22:19:51) Me: and then passed a sign that said “Alsea, 5 miles”
(22:19:57) Me: i was like “Crap.”
(22:20:06) Crystal: hahahaha, shitttt, that is no good
(22:20:11) Crystal: how long did that take you?
(22:20:14) Me: loooong
(22:20:25) Me: then i got to bellfountain proper, and it’s right to the west of monroe
(22:20:33) Me: 😛
(22:20:42) Me: so it was 18-20 miles away towards eugene
(22:21:48) Me: so i eventually got back to hwy 99, and drove home
(22:21:52) Crystal: ugh
(22:21:54) Crystal: that sucks
(22:21:59) Me: but not before stopping at the co-op for hippy preserves
(22:22:02) Crystal: good thing you had enough gas
(22:22:04) Crystal: lol
(22:22:14) Me: no kidding

One km = 600m miles, says CNN

According to The Register, one kilometer = 600 million miles. Now, I’m pretty sure my TI-89 disagrees.

We’re obliged to the various readers who have since yesterday alerted us to a CNN piece on the possible demotion of Pluto to the status of minor planet.

The article in question notes that the recent discovery of Xena – hailed by some as the tenth planet – actually calls into question Pluto’s status as a proper, grown-up body in our solar system.


All pretty straightforward, you might think. What is alarming, though, is that CNN has decided, without consulting either governments or international standards bodies, to extend the kilometre to a breathtaking 600,000,000 miles:

The Hubble Space Telescope measured the bright, rocky object officially known as 2003 UB313 [Xena], at about 1,490 miles (2,300 kilometers) in diameter, roughly 70 miles (112 kilometers) longer than Pluto. At 9 billion miles (15 kilometers) from the sun, it is the farthest known object in the solar system.

This, by our reckoning, makes the distance between Vulture Central and the nearest pub a thirst-inducing 2,400,000,000 miles, exceeding the previous desperate Reg hack beer dash (Australian Outback, 2001, three hours in the 4×4 just to get his hands on a cold tinnie) by a whopping 2,399,999,760 miles*. Strewth. ®


*This calculation is based on the pre-CNN standard, when one kilometre was 0.6214 miles.

So, what’ja think??

The Mountain Story (finally)

I promised many of you I’d tell the story of how I ran into a mountain in my car. I’m warning you that it isn’t as exciting as promised.

I used to ride horses at a training barn for AA circuit horses. These are very expensive, very beautiful horses that I got to ride and train. Well, Aloe did most of the training, I just got to ride them and get ribbons for jumping fences and looking cute. So, after riding one day and smelling to the high-heavens, I was leaving to take Clara home. She was 10 at the time, and soooo cute. She got lessons by Aloe or Cimmer a few days a week, or she’d help me clean the barn and do random chores around the place. That day, we had gone on a trail ride to Big Basin. For those who don’t know what Big Basin is, it’s a forest in Northern California with giant sequoias. Many families (including my own) go camping there for the better part of a week during the summer.

So, if we were in the mountains, obviously the roads are curvy. You cannot have straight roads in the mountains, or you’d be somewhat hosed as your car pointed 45 degrees southward. Eep. After dropping her off, I began to back up. Well, guess what? There was a mountain in the way. Yes, Kristin didn’t see a great big fricken mountain behind her car. It was made of crumbly pressed sandstone, eluding to an alluvial history when it was once under water. Said crumbly pressed sandstone lodged itself into my tailpipe, and scratched my bumper up good and proper. It was so pristine before the friggin ‘accident’.

I had to crouch on the ground in my filthy riding clothes, sticking my riding crop up the tailpipe to try to get all the sandstone out. Clara got me a screwdriver so it was easier to dislodge, until I had really tiny bits left. I burned my hand trying to get them all out. I frown each time I see my bumper now… it still has bits of fieldgrass stuck in it too. I just can’t seem to get it all out 🙂

There. Are you happy now? I’m as oblivious as a seven year old with ADD. Everyone point and laugh at Kristin. Yep, there you go. Don’t you feel better now?

—By the way, did you know that a silver Sharpie covers up rock chips really well on a silver car??