A bit better

My UTI is a bit better today (oh, I know all of you wanted to know that). I can move around a bit more comfortably than I could yesterday, and definitely more than the day before.  Wednesday was the worst day out of all of this, I think.  It was a combination of all the cranberry juice and drugs.  It just hurt! I’m trying not to take my viccodin, like I said yesterday.  I only have like, 9 pills left, and I’m trying to keep them as long as possible in case I need them for something else.  Of course, I could go back to Student Health Services and get more (most likely), but I don’t know if I should.  I usually just go complaining of shoulder pain after it dislocates, and they give me a bottle of stuff. *shrugs*

Sean brought me quesadilla about an hour ago, and it was soooo tasty. For those who know me, you know my favourite food is quesadilla with salsa verde, jalapeños, and guacamole.  Oh god it was tasty.  I’m going to totally regret it in 30 mins or so when it really starts to settle, and my poor tummy finally realises what I did to it.  But it was Qdoba, and I can’t resist!!

We watched some Monk, and some History Channel (it was a few hours about the decline of the Roman Empire, the French defence of Europe against the Muslims, and the conquest of the Vikings in Northern England).  It was interesting.  He’s playing Metal Gear Solid 4 on the PS3, and I know I’ll probably stay online and chat with Ashley for awhile, or take a nap. Summer is such a lazy time of year; I feel like I should be out doing something. Of course, I can’t, and I have to keep reminding myself of that every single day.  Oh well. A nap sounds like a good idea.


It’s so… shiny.

Televisions were meant to be 46″, high-def, and shiny.  And when 300 is played on Blu-Ray with all the lights off and the volume up, it’s like a visual orgasm.  I highly recommend purchasing one, especially for cancer recovery.  Playing video games on a giant tv will do two things for you: make you nauseous, or titillated.

So that’s what I’ve been doing lately.  Sleeping, being sick, and enjoying my giant tv. 🙂

All sorts of Awesome

Today was a (kind of) awesome day. I put ‘kind of’ in parentheses because not all parts of it were good, but a majority of the day was rather decent. I slept in after a rough night of being sick and also being unable to get into bed. Oh, as an update from last night: I did, in fact, climb back into bed. I drank a lot of water, steeled myself, and groped in the dark until I found my bed. I even managed to pull the duvet up to my chin as I passed out. So, no problems there. I did get harassed by Sean who said, “You should have called me.” Yeah, well, I hate asking for help, and that would’ve been awkward anyways.

S: Hrrmmhhh…
K: Sean? I need your help.
S: What?
K: Could you help put me back to bed? I’m passed out on the floor.
S: Yeah, be right over.

No way, José. Totally not having that conversation. So, why was this day so good? Oh, I didn’t throw up, I can sit up on my own, I played some Gears of War, and I managed to go out, play Rock Band for a good 90 minutes, and eat a slice of vegetarian pizza from Slices. Ooh, and I ate dinner. I know! You’re probably thinking, “Wow, Kristin, way to walk on the wild side. Not one, but TWO meals?!” Crazy. I had raw veggies and a bowl of mac n cheese. Not as exciting, but I had veggies, and that’s good.

Today was good. Tomorrow – better. Tomorrow is going to be known as “Totally Awesome Day Kristin Buys her 46″ Sony Bravia LCD TV From Costco” day. Oh yes. And PS3. Did I mention that new HDTVs and PS3s are an integral part of cancer survival? Well, maybe just for people named Kristin who live in Corvallis and enjoy english muffin pizzas and breeding standard poodles. Yeah.

I just want the PS3 for the Blu-Ray player.

Oh! I got my second wig today. I’ve yet to take a picture of it, but it’s quite pretty. Here’s the stock picture of it (filched from wigs.com, where I purchased it). Note: For anyone lacking hair on their head, shop at wigs.com. They’re VERY reasonably priced, and the wig is beautiful. They’re also fast, and have lots of FAQ pages. I went to a private wig shop, and I’m regretting that decision now. This wig looks so much better on me because it’s a lot more like my real hair, and I picked it out from a group of hundreds of wigs. The shop had only 30 wig styles or so, and despite having “personalised attention”, I still wouldn’t go back to the store. Maybe go to get your head fitted (some people have fat heads!). I’m pleased to report I have an average-sized head. So, go buy wigs. They’re better than hats.

One last note: Congratulations to CHELSEA FC for reaching the Champions League semi-finals after ruining Fenerbahçe at home 2-0. I knew you could do it, Blues!! And Michael Ballack, I’m sorry I called you useless last week. Your amazing header right in the beginning of the match helped us win, and we couldn’t have done it without you.