So, this is a recent move to WordPress. I have to say that I love it! I can consolidate all of my google blogs, and no one gets hurt. I didn’t realise there was such a break in the blogs though. I’ve dated Jason for nearly a year, and I barely mention him. The story of Joe never really got out, so it’s left out of the blog (in reality, the whole story is on my Live Journal and I can’t remember my password). I also no longer work at the wave lab – I work for Peak Internet in customer service and tech support. I’m finally in my last year of uni, and I strangely want nothing to do with it (read: I’m being lazy).

It’s just nice to see everything up in one place for once. It was a lot to wade through and put into categories. Categories are fun!

I also just got a comment that someone does read my blog… and it was posted 5 minutes ago. Super scary. They’ll leave soon when they realise my life isn’t all that exciting 🙂


Soooo sleepy

Work is hard. Yes, I know, people say “well duh work is hard, it’s work!” I don’t care! I’m tired of looking at computers for eight hours at a time in a darkened room full of smelly tech-geeks. The guys are actually pretty nice, but they’re still a bit annoying. I think they believe I’m an idiot. I keep telling myself I’m not, but who knows, maybe I am.

Ok, sleep time. It’s four am, and I’ve not slept yet.

It’s been awhile.

I keep forgetting to post here. I have a .mac account, so I have a blog there, but this is still my “main” one I suppose. I should set up an RSS feed or something. Well, Jason and I are still dating. He’s still sweet, and still hasn’t defended his thesis yet. We’re working on that (he has 8 weeks until the end of school, and he ABSOLUTELY has to defend by then). Other than that, not much is going on. My arm is unbroken, I joined Weight Watchers, and Becca moved in and is moving out in June (to never move in again). She NEEDS to disappear. She drives me insane. When I have the house to myself again, life will be good. Thank goodnes. My parents have asked why J and I aren’t living together yet, and I said “Well ner, we’ve not even dated a YEAR yet.” His grandma asked him too. Hehe, strange.

Well, I have a final on Monday (yikes), so I have to study.

The link for my website is:


I just realised that I only post when crappy things are happening (at least, I think that’s true). I completely got over Andrew (which was easier than I had first imagined), and started hanging out with Jason more. He’s that guy from the wave lab i mooned over all summer long. He’s almost 28, is a civil engineer, and is getting his masters in Oceanography and Marine Geology. He’s sweet, kind, patient, fun, loves to go rock climbing and hiking, has a golden retriever named Mackenzie (who’s insane), and he’s an excellent cook and baker. For instance: yesterday, he made omelettes and bread at my house while I was coming home from San Francisco. I can’t believe it – from scratch even! He’s so sweet. Who would’ve thought.

Much Better!

I think it just took a lot of hugs and distraction from my friends, but I’m nearly over Andrew. It’s stupid to cling to something that you have no control over, especially something that doesn’t want you (or need you). It still bugs me a bit that he blocked me on AIM, but whatever. I’ll see him next week at my party (maybe), and Nas heavily suggested I go drop off his book on Monday night so I can see Andrew. But… I don’t really want to see him, since he’ll be with Mollie, and there’s bad blood there. He’s irked at me, and I respect that. I’m very irksome.

But… there’s a new guy who likes me. His name is Jason, and he works with me at the Wave Lab. He’s a Masters student in Oceanography, and he’ll be 28 in a few months. You might think that he’s too old for me, but I like to think not. At least he’s mature, and a lot of fun to be around. We’ve gone out a few times for drinks or whatever. I’m not rushing things at all – and I don’t even know if he likes me “like that”. We’ll see. All I can say is that he’s making things a lot better 🙂


Apparently I wasn’t quite clear to my other stalkers when I said the story was about Lizzy. I know you all fancy yourself to be important, and think I’d secretly write about Lizzy but mean you, but you’re sadly mistaken. Lizzy’s home life is more fucked up than yours (even though I can think of a couple who are pretty close to that).

When I was driving around BFN England, we saw this sign:

This is near Whitechurch. Here’s the other one:
A ha, yes, here we go. So, this really is in BFN, and we got lost a few times driving around (the roundabout in this area just BLOWS). It’s so confusing. Oh! I remembered this because I saw that Andrew joined a group about irony, and this surely shows it. Too many secret bunker signs (I think we found a secret barracks once too). Oh, and this sign is near the home where mum grew up:
Hehe, faster, then slower. Grrr. I love it when they do this in Oregon as well – it’s just not right.

I think that’s everything out of the way. So, to recap: Don’t think yourself important. For shite like this, I don’t use an alternate identity. If you have a crappy relationship and it needs to stop, I’ll say so. Number two, I know that bunkers and such are fun, but if they’re meant to be secret, then don’t tell anyone about them! Gah.


I wish I could sleep right now. I had coffee at Dutch Bros. tonight, and I’m still dragging ass. Of course, David and I have been doing our lab for close to three hours by now, and we’re still not done yet. You’d think something as simple as a lab report could be finished in about 90 mins, with little interuption. But, when you combine someone with my attention span along with his inability to write… well, it takes much longer than need be. It doesn’t help that I got about 5 hours of sleep the night before, because I didn’t end up falling asleep until about 3:30, and woke up at about 8 or so. It was so cold last night! Yikes. Ok, back to work. I’d much rather be with Andrew right now too, but he’s busy with his own work. I’ll probably see him on Wednesday after all of his work is turned in 🙂