Happy Birthday, Ashes!!

It is my sister, Ashley’s, 21st birthday today.  Woohoo!  I *know* that I was looking forward to this day way more than she was.  At least we could go down to the pub and have a drink in England, but here, they card ALL the time, and I felt wrong encouraging her to break the law with me. So, now she isn’t!  It’s too bad I had chemo today (I feel like crap, thankyouverymuch), or I’m sure I’d enjoy going out with her a lot more.  I’m still going to go to her party tonight, but I’m sure it’ll be an early night for me.  I think Sean is going to come as well – I dunno.

So, Happy Birthday Ashley!  I’m soooooo thrilled!


What to do with an Overly Proud Sister: You Know Who You Are.

Ashley here, I’m back, with my first real post!

Let’s say that one has a sister. This sister is in a situation that most would consider difficult, painful, and altogether one of the most unpleasant experiences possible, and all at an age that it is unusual to face this at. Now make this sister a very proud, independent individual. When this supposed sister is feeling especially unwell one has a series of options. Which option is best on any given day is as random as a dice roll…

1) Ask said sister how she is doing and what is up. This can illicit three responses:

a) She blatantly lies to you, and tells you that she is “great”. While this is a response she usually saves for the parentals, 800 miles away, you know it to be so, because, really, there are no “great” days.

b) She tells you exactly what last night was like, in dulled down detail. She spent the night on the bathroom floor like a drunken college student. While the latter part of this description would be accurate (college student) the former is not. When you offer to come over next time she feels like that she snaps at you, insisting she doesn’t need to be taken care of. Although most sane individuals beg to differ.

c) She gets mad at you for asking. At which point you ask about footy, and insist that you are an Arsenal fan (mortal sin) because she is in an argumentative mood and she can get out her anger without actually treading into any illness related areas.

2) You do not ask, instead you ask about the new illness inspired purchase. Result is universally:

a) “How dare you ask about my new Sony Bravia 46″ HDTV. Don’t you care about me? I mean, really, I’m your sister, you are supposed to care about me, not my new Sony Bravia 46″ HDTV.” Face it. There is no way to win this one.

3) Joke. Like option 1 this has 3 options

a) She is in a mood to joke, and you have a pleasant conversation about the humorous side of it all, all while making anyone in earshot incredibly uncomfortable.

b) She is in a lack luster mood. It doesn’t result in any anger, but it kinda fizzles and dies. Conversation becomes awkward.

c) She is angry. Run. Hide.

As you can see this can be a total crap shoot. When hormones, and states of feeling, can vary greatly within hours, one never quite knows what to do. So one tries to be patient, and dances to the mood, hoping for what is most likely given the day and time.

P.S. These are solely the humorous observations of one that loves a beloved sister. And are in no way meant to be a “poor me” sob fest.

Hi All!

This is a bit of a test, as Kristin just added me as a contributer. but I figured I’ll use it to introduce myself. I’m Ashley, the often mentioned little sister. I’m also at OSU, a Civil Engineering student (yup, we’re both brilliant and beautiful). As far as religion goes, since it is talked about so much on here this is my load. Until I was 18 I was agnostic or atheistic, it swung back and forth but I never considered myself so all knowing that I was able to say that there was no God, so guess its mostly agnostic. Anyways, my conversion story is long and amazing and I love it, but I’ll save that for another time. Now, I’m a Protestant Christian. I do not consider myself evangelical, or much of anything else at all. Lately, I’ve been struggling to find a Church. A lot of them are really evangelical. I don’t consider myself in any position to preach to anyone about much of anything. I’m as much of a sinner as anyone else, and for me to try to convince anyone that they have it all wrong while I am all right is a little presumptuous. This is what I have chosen for myself. But if you want to talk about religion, Jesus, God, Allah, Krishna, I’m wide open to chat.

I’m sure I’ll be putting in my two cents more often than not so here I am!