New Chelsea Kit 08/09

Jersey 08/09

Yes, my fellow Blues fans, the day is here – the new Chelsea kit for the next two years was revealed!!  Now, do you recognize anything familiar?  I’m glad Adidas didn’t go hog-wild like they did with the fugly yellow away kit.  This has a lovely white collar (I kind of love the collars, like on England’s kit for 05/06), same familiar three-striped shoulder, and now, a throwback with the gold on the sleeves.  Those of you who were Chelsea fans BEFORE they won anything will remember the old kits with gold and blue by Umbro (Umbro, how I hate you sometimes, but you made my England kit, so I’ll love you for now).  Oh, and that picture has a very young Jose Mourinho in it.  Yay Special One!!  How I miss you 😦

So, do I like the new kit? Eh, sure, it’s not really different at all.  

I think they’re still going to use the fugly yellow away kit for now until they release a new one in 2009.  On a separate note, have you SEEN the keeper’s kit? (It’s to the right, if you didn’t realise.)  Are we Barca all of a sudden?  What’s with the neon orange?  C’mon, Chelsea, have some class.  I know Petr has to be in a different colour, but SERIOUSLY.  Orange?!

Eh, go preorder the new kit here. Chelsea is the only team you ever really need to support.

And I stole these pictures from here, here, and found some on google.


Avram Grant, I hate you.

I’ve not written about Chelsea in awhile, even though I salute them for their win over Arsenal on Easter Sunday (hooray for Jesus coming back, because apparently he’s a Chelsea fan too). They played Fenerbahçe, a Turkish football club in a Champions League Quarterfinal match. For those of you who don’t know what the Champions League is, it’s the top three or four teams from each European club to battle it out for top dog in Europe (ish). At least, that’s how I describe it. So, back to Fenerbahçe. Chelsea was up 1-0 when I started to watch live in minute 60 or so, because of an own goal by Deivid.

Chelsea’s entire performance was lackluster at best, wasting precious time and effort in front of the goal. Drogba had a good shot at goal during a penalty kick towards the 80th minute, but it cleared the top of the net by a good four feet. Fenerbahçe played tremendously well, and used the entire field to their advantage. They won 2-1 after a cheap goal, and then a beautiful (ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL) goal 10 minutes later. It was from way behind the penalty line to the top left corner of the net. Gorgeous!! If you want to see the goal, it’s around 2:35 in the video. The full highlights from the match can be seen here:

Avram Grant’s problem is that he refuses to make Chelsea his OWN team, and will still play the 4-3-3, despite it not working. His poor decision to leave SWP on the bench was questioned after he puts Anelka and Drogba in, but doesn’t play them together at the top. He could’ve done a 4-4-2, which works fine, or even a 3-4-3 if he wanted to be a bit more aggressive in the middle. Our problem is that we have too many midfielders, and not enough fullbacks or even strikers. If we traded Ballack, which would be a good idea since he’s been rubbish all season, and Drogba stopped being so effing selfish, then we’d have a better team.

Justin reckons we’ll beat Man U 2-1 unconvincingly at home in two weeks. I might agree, if someone just ninja-kicks Ronaldo in the face, the smug cunt. I hate that man so much.

Chelsea are my heroes

Chelsea have been doing brilliantly! We beat Schalke 2-0 at home (Champions league), beat Manchester City 6-0 (ridiculous win, I know), 4-3 against Leicester (but that’s League Cup) and today we beat Wigan 2-0 away. Since Arsenal and ManUtd drew at 2 all, we may be able to pull ourselves up the ladder, depending on how Manchester City did. If they won, we won’t catch up, but if not, we may actually pull ahead.

So, I just checked the table. At the end of 03/11 (yesterday):

Barclays Premier League HOME AWAY    



11 6 1 0 18 6 2 2 0 6 3 +15 27


Man Utd

12 5 1 0 12 1 3 2 1 9 5 +15 27



12 3 2 0 10 2 4 1 2 8 6 +10 24



12 2 3 0 11 6 4 1 2 12 7 +10 22



11 3 2 1 8 5 3 2 0 7 4 +6 22


Man City

11 6 0 0 10 2 1 1 3 5 11 +2 22



11 1 4 0 10 4 4 2 0 7 2 +11 21

Manchester City moved from 3rd to 6th, and Liverpool moved from up higher to lower. It’s ridiculous. If you’re wondering what all those numbers mean, the first one is number of matches played, then what happened with Home matches, then Away matches. The only thing that really matters is Goal Difference, and Points. If teams are tied for points (3 points to winning, 1 to a draw, 0 to losses), it is up to the goal difference. The number changes depending on how many goals you sore vs how many are scored on you. Sorry, I just love footy.

As a separate question: why is Portsmouth in fourth place, and Blackburn in fifth? That’s mad!! Ok yeah, this post made little to no sense. I’m just thrilled with Chelsea’s performance in the last few matches. It seems as though the slump after the Special One left has been overcome. Personally, I don’t like Avram Grant, but he’s pulled them together and they’ve been doing well.

(Pulled from the Premier League website)

Fie on Russian Footballers

England lost 2-1 to the Russians.  How embarrassing.Rooney did well with the first goal. It was absolutely beautiful.  But, that all went away when a poor call was made against him in the penalty box, and they got their goal. Then they got another.If  we don’t win against Croatia next weekend, we’re not going to the Euros.